Monet’s Home in Giverny

Stefano rented a mini van and the whole fambam went on a little road trip for the weekend. From Paris we travelled to Giverny, stopped at Rouen for some crepes and Deauville to enjoy some fresh mussels by the beach, and spent the night in the lovely and historic Chateau de Goville in Bayeaux. On our way back to Paris we explored the rest of Normandy and had some ice cream at Honsfleur 🙂 Our darling Cesco was such a trooper—not fussing at all (except for when he was hungry or pooping!) and gave us a generous supply of laughs and giggles the entire weekend! He is indeed the happiest baby this world has ever seen!!!:) Happy Anniversary again to my awesome parents 🙂 We are all cheesy because of you two! ♥ Here are some photos from our first stop of our weekend French Road Trip: GIVERNY!!! Flowers&Plants galore at Monet’s home 🙂 Next post coming in a bit!

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