More F1 Action from Shell+Ferrari

Here’s a short video of my first ever Formula One experience. Don’t forget to count the number of times I say the word “KILIG”in this video..obviously, I was giddy like a Kindergartener the whole time! Excuse all the useless rambling and shouting. I was a complete scatterbrain as I couldn’t contain my excitement! Hahaha 🙂 After the video, you’ll find official photos from the night race. “SPEED” is the first thing that comes to mind when you look at these images.

Did you know that SHELL is the only Formula One fuel and lubricant supplier to have a dedicated trackside laboratory to analyze its products at every Grand Prix?! As the nerve center of the Shell technical team, the Shell Track Lab is a state-of-the-art, mobile fuel testing laboratory. Inside, scientific appartus, testing equipment and computer monitoring hardware are manned by Shell’s team of experts. The Shell trackside team analyze over 30 samples of Shell V Power from the Ferrari 150 Italia to ensure that it remains legal and in prime condition for the race weekend. Good news for us regular folk, the Shell V Power used for these races are almost identical to the ones you can gas up with at your local Shell stations! Before the night race, I dropped by the actual Shell Track Lab. It was such an exhilarating experience to actually meet the engineers behind this amazing fuel technology. They even allowed us to use their sophisticated instruments and gadgets to help test the fuels. We had a little chemistry test as well, which I totally aced! All those hours of memorizing the elements in the periodic table finally paid off! Hahaha!:)
I’m giving away several sets of these 
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  1. Man, one word, ASTIG! that’s it! it’s not for the contest though, just a simple comment to your post. I really hope Fernando can come back STRONG next year and beat Vettel! 🙂