More than just Foam, Cool stuff for the Home!

I love furniture shopping!!! Long before we got engaged, eons and eons before–I was already so fascinated with home decor. Perhaps I have my parents to blame for dragging me to all these furniture stores when I was young. But I tell you, now that I actually have a home to decorate (and it’s more legit this time!) it’s ten times more enjoyable. Today, I decided to drop by my new favorite home store: MANDAUE FOAM with Patrick and my folks. It’s conveniently located along Alabang Zapote road. They also have branches in Quezon Ave, Cainta, Davao, Cebu, Bacolod, CDO..but since Las Pinas was the closest to our village I decided to visit this showroom instead–medyo out of the way ang Cagayan de Oro diba, medyo lang naman. I tweeted before leaving the house and I was surprised to see that a lot of people (including my close friends!) love Mandaue Foam too. It’s such a shame that we only discovered it recently! I had no idea that it would have such an extensive collection of products, I was really surprised when so many people tweeted back to share their happy M.F. finds.

Just a bit of trivia, Mandaue Foam is a proudly CEBUANO company. Hooray!!! As you all know my mom is Bisaya–so this is such a big plus for me!:) According to their website, it started in 1971 by Mrs. Rosita T. Uy. They started as a foam manufacturer in Cebu (hence the word FOAM in their name!) and eventually they expanded into other products like sofas, dining tables, shelves, lighting fixtures, etc. If you drop by their showrooms, you’ll notice that most of their employees are Cebuanos–while I was paying for my purchases I overheard some of the staff members speaking to each other in Bisaya at sobrang natuwa ako! I can understand Bisaya (although I can’t speak it fluently) so it was music to my ears. Kudos to the owners of Mandaue Foam for staying true to their roots and providing jobs for the people from their province. 

Something note-worthy would be their service. The attendants were very accommodating and well trained, they knew exactly what to recommend and even gave me great suggestions. Since Mandaue Foam makes their own high quality foam, you can have your sofas, beds, and other “foamy” products customized. If you have a non traditional space with odd dimensions, this could be a great way to come up with home furniture that will fit your pad perfectly. Plus you get to choose the fabric too– you get the exact measurements, exact color, exact texture that you’ve always wanted. No more settling for “pwede na yan”. My folks also had their bed frame customized, giving their preferred finish and color–and within minutes they were given a quote that fit their budget.
I think I got a bit carried away in Mandaue Foam. I planned to just do an “ocular” but ended up with a cute wicker lamp for our dining area, an ottoman, a bed frame, a mattress, and I even had our sofa made as well! I will blog about these finds in the coming months–so stay tuned for that. Can’t wait to share all these cool bargains with you guys! If you’re stuck at home or in the office and are itching to shop–you can browse through their online site at

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5 Responses to More than just Foam, Cool stuff for the Home!

  1. This is actually a really really good find! According to the website, the dining set are made of actual solid wood and the prices are decent. Thanks for sharin!

  2. I totally love Mandaue foam. My parents hand carried my mattress for my dorm room in Silliman all the way from Davao just so they could give me comfort. ;)My roommate and I also bought Mandaue foam for our room here in Cebu. Their products are also very durable and reasonably priced.

    Looking forward to more interesting and happy posts from you Miss Patty! 🙂 Can’t wait to see pics from your soon to be home with Mr. Filart. 😉

  3. Hi Ms. Patty! This is the first time I have read one of your blogs, but I will say that I never regret accidentally dropping by here out of
    searching blogs, I guess, would be beneficial for me since I’m just starting out writing up my own blog :)I agree to most of what you have said about Mandaue foam. We have 1 here at home, my parent’s bed is made of Madaue foam and to testify, It’s really a world class product! Even if I’m not ‘Bisaya’, I would be proud of their products for I know it will also carry our country’s flag all through out the world. More power to Mandaue Foam and of course, to you Ms. Patty who created this blog.