Mowwwwdeling for I Love Portraits

I worked with Paolo Ruiz for a photo shoot yesterday and magically, he managed to squeeze in this beautiful video as well 🙂 I was going for a more relaxed adjective like “cool” or”nice” pero dahil malakas ang loob ko ngayon to claim my mowdel-ness..I say, it’s a free country…so, let’s put beautiful!!! And while we’re at it, let’s put sexy too!!! Helleeerrr, check out my pout-smile-pouts! And all the sexy eye squinting action! Look here, look there, look out the window, look at the sun, gaaahhh…I dont know where to look anymore! It takes skill, my friend, it’s no joke to glorify a gray sando and shorts! So to all you non-believers of my inner sophistication *I’m talking to you Peelaaartz!*..this one’s for you! Presenting…C to the LASSY Patty Laurel in Luxurious Pambahay!!! (I look a bit awkward in some of the shots..I still need to hone my emoting skills! I’ll do better next time, promise)
Special thanks to Paolo Ruiz and Makeup Genius, Lindsay Co-Alog.

9 Responses to Mowwwwdeling for I Love Portraits

  1. Cool video!
    I have to learn how to rock sando and shorts para pag dumating ang asawa ko sa bahay eh matuwa 😛
    I also wanted to know who sang that cover of “Billie Jean” it’s an awesome cover.