My Big Dilemma

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Hey folks! I’ve missed you all so much. I’m happy to report that the surgery was a success! Thanks so much for all your warm messages, tweets, emails, text messages, FB posts. Although I haven’t had the time to reply to each one, please know that they held me up and gave me the strength I needed in the past few days. I’ve been groggy, woozy, and still in a bit of pain but I’m glad that the worst is over and I can now focus on getting better and going back to my normal silly self. God has been so kind to me, blessing me with good doctors, nurses, janitors, etc. I’m surrounded by everyday angels who have made my hospital stay much more pleasant than expected. Of course, I also want to thank my family and my husband, Patrick who have been such a great source of encouragement and strength. 

My biggest stress however is not being able to laugh!!!!! My friends who’ve had surgeries in the past warned me about this–and OH DEAR, they weren’t kidding. Ang sakit tumawa! It’s like doing a thousand crunches! It’s sooooo painful to even do a little snicker. Pat and I like to exchange jokes several times a day–it’s almost like breathing for us! So you can imagine how difficult it has been for me, to force myself not to laugh at his hirits and WORSE: to stop myself from thinking funny thoughts. It’s sheer agony!!! Hayyy!!! The doctor says if I do well today, I’ll be able to head home tomorrow. It’ll take me about 6 weeks to recover fully so I’ll be staying with the parentals for a while 🙂 It’ll be good to be babied by my folks again even just for a week or two 🙂

Again, thank you for being my prayer warriors! I love you all so much 🙂 

10 Responses to My Big Dilemma

  1. Get well soon. Been following your post and they’ve always been a delightful read. You’ve inspired so many people including myself. Stay happy and pretty! – Joy

  2. Glad to hear good news from you ms. Patty. It’s definitely not your ordinary thursday coz it’s Vday after all.hehe. Cheers to faster recuperation and much love and prayer from one of your inspired avid readers.c;

  3. Patty, isipin mo na lang, you have such a convenient problem: you have so many reasons to laugh, you just have to refrain from doing so. I kinda missed you when you were gone. You’re such a blessing to your readers.

  4. That’s good to hear that your surgery is a success. FYI wound healing normally happens in 6 weeks so don’t force yourself too much. God bless you and your family.

    OR nurse

  5. Hi Patty! Mine’s among the many voices praying for your fast recovery. I’m pretty sure you’ll do well, with the positivity which you also inspire in others. I could certainly relate to your “agony.” When a bibo friend visited after I had surgery, his mere presence tortured my abdominal muscles. Adding to the injury, he even compared experiences with my other visitors, about how the security guard meticulously inspected him while skipping others. 😀

  6. If you feel like sneezing, DON’T! Pinch your nose or do anything and everything to make it stop. If you can’t help it, make sure you support your wound. But again, if you can stop it, do so. This is from experience.