My Common Thread Top 10

I dropped by Common Thread in Greenbelt a few days ago and took home a lot of happy items to brighten up my gloomy (and rainy) days this August. Here are my TOP 10 picks for the month!
1. Piesa Neon Fabric Necklaces 
I can pile all three necklaces together or wear each one separately. These bold pieces are perfect to pair with plain Thread 365 tank tops and denim cut off shorts.
2. LUXE Travel Guidebook
I love these LUXE guides, they come in pocket friendly sizes which is perfect for discerning travelers.
3. HOOLA Sunnies
HOOLA has the cutest sunnies! And most of the styles are unisex friendly too—so this pair will be shared by me and Pat. Hehehe.
4. Thread 365 Pink Pocket Tee for MEN (But I got the XS size for me! Hehehe!)
When I’m feeling a bit bloated, I put on my husband’s tees for extra breathing room. These pocket tees are for men but are really cute on us girls too!
5. Renegade Folk Sandals
I instantly fell in love with these sandals with elastic straps! They come in different color combos too.
6. Luna by Havaianas
I live in Havaianas! These ones are slightly “dressier” than the standard flip flops so you can wear this with a nice, flawy dress or a cute pair of dress shorts.
7. CT Essentials Orange Canvas Sling Bag
This sling bag works for travel because it’s just the right size that can fit your essentials like a camera, wallet and cellphone. 
8. Piesa Scribble Bangle
This bangle is lightweight and intricately formed. You can wear it with a cocktail dress or even with a more dressed down outfit or your favorite pair of jeans.
9. My DIY Bensimons (I stamped the stars all by myself!!!)
This is the pair I “made” for myself at last week’s DIY event!
10. Totes Colorful Camo Umbrella
Battle the rainy day blues with this bright scene-stealing umbrella.

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