My Cool Jetsetting Friends and their Priceless Travel Moments

Noelle Hilario

My friends and I went on a boat ride around Waikiki, we saw dolphins and at one point we stopped in the middle of the ocean and swam with turtles! So surreal!

Took a stroll at Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. The first thought of it might sound creepy but being there somehow feels romantic with its narrow winding paths, beautiful trees and rolling hills. It’s also a great retreat from the hustle of the city center. Tombs of great figures in history such as jim morrison, oscar wilde, chopin and delacroix are found here.

At the Thar Desert in India. Went on a camel safari to the beautiful dunes and stayed there til sunset. Was such a magical experience!

Jackie Tan
Happy Feet

Never realized I liked Indian food til I tasted the bestest garlic naan (1st photo) and papadi chaat (2nd) – our first street food in India – literally handmade – sweaty palms and yellowed fingers gave it the spice!
Taj Mahal is the most unholy holy place in the world! Agra, India

As soon as you step into the medina, you get harassed by the locals – Japonesa! Korea! Vietnamese! Chee-na! Noone could guess our nationality til this one vendor mentioned almost all South Asian countries! We decided to buy a purse from him for finally guessing it right! 🙂 Marrakech, Morocco

After 48 hours of transit by plane, 3 bus changes and a whole lotta walking and singing, we finally got to see these rock formations that look like pieces of cake I would gobble – a scene we could only imagine watching in National Geographic! This was shot in Praia da Marinha, Algarve, Portugal.

Kathleen Penaranda
Fresh Grad Adventurer

We booked a place via the web. When we got there, apparently it was 30 kilometers from the city, 20 minutes off the main road, and located in the middle of nowhere. Despite this, our early mornings were so majestic and picturesque with the yelllowish red color of the skies and mist layering the Zambezi River. Moreover, I just couldn’t believe that my view, the island across us, was already that of another country–Zimbabwe, Africa.

At the Balule Reserve, Mpumalanga. I’ve been to quite a few good zoos in other countries, but nothing compares to an African game drive. Although you probably see far more healthier (fatter, well groomed) animals in a zoo, nothing beats seeing them in their natural habitat. I always tell my friends that when you enter a zoo, you already know what you’ll see. In a reserve, you just never know what’ll cross your path–you have to be quick to spot them! And that’s precisely what makes the entire experience one for the books.

In Beijing, China. My Dad opted to take a break from taking buses and cabs so he decided that we rent out bikes for the half day. This was his attempt to see the city from the POV of locals. I really enjoyed the entire experience of biking on main roads, alleys and stopping in every site we felt like seeing up close.

Sheila Catilo
Shutterbug Super Mom

A family photo  at the Sydney Aquarium. Having fun with my loving hubby, Jorem and little girl, Sky.
Playing with perspective and illusion at a private island in El Nido, Palawan.
Marcelo Hostallero, the oldest man in Batanes..He was 104 years old when this photo was taken and still mending nets. 

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