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Hi Folks! It’s been forever since my last beauty post (hence the un-beauty bloggerness of this blogger), but I thought of posting the products that I’ve been LOVING for the past 2 months. Ever since I became a mom at 32, I had to implement a few changes in my regimen. I find myself switching regimens at least every 6 months—the “regimen break” gives my skin an opportunity to rest and acclimatize to the magic of a new product. Then after 6 months when my skin gets saturated with that new regimen, often times, I would bounce back to the products that worked for me before. I wouldn’t advise switching too much (let’s say daily or weekly) as this might confuse your skin and cause more breakouts, eep! Stay loyal for at least 6 months, maybe even extend the relationship for a few more months if your skin is still cooperating—but once you feel your skin is feeling dull and gray, then a change is in order. Don’t worry you can always go back to your much loved products, a beauty time out is just temporary.

So here are the products in my new beauty regimen that I started last January!

  1. LA MER

I can’t believe I only discovered the wonders of La Mer in 2017. WHY ONLY NOW?!?!? Well for one, they carry quite a hefty price tag hence my initial hesitation to purchase.  But believe me, if you are fortunate enough to be gifted with a bottle—you will see why it costs that much. I now believe the hype! The Renewal Oil drastically changed my skin and it’s now supple and smooth because of a few golden drops at night. This has now taken the place of my Argan Oil (which I am currently on break from). The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum is also a good addition to your regimen, especially if you’re feeling a bit dry and you need to boost your skin with moisture without the greasy feel (I use this after excessive sun exposure or when traveling to cold climates). This is available in Rustan’s.

2. OBAGI SunShield Matte

I got this tube of Obagi sunscreen during my first visit to House of Obagi (HOO) in Festival Mall, Alabang. I got their toner, facial cleanser, and Acne Solutions too and will give it a try for the coming month. I had a huge, nasty zit that refused to DIE (stubborn as hell!) and so I was desperate for a facial and peel for days. Luckily, I was invited to give HOO a try that weekend and so I was treated to a really nice, relaxing facial and now my skin is refreshed and renewed. And yes, the pimple has been laid to rest! HAHAHA! The resident dermatologist (who looks like a model by the way!), Dr. Rueda, also gave me a consultation on how to manage my chin acne which I have come to understand is very much correlated to my hormones. Grrr. Hormones out of whack= Pimples and Bad Mood! LOL!

Now back to the sunscreen, this one comes in matte form which saves you from the “mantika” look that most sunblocks provide. I usually apply it after cleansing, toning and moisturizing and it can even serve as a good primer for makeup. Just a tip for sunblock, make sure you apply generously around your face and NECK! Yes, save your neck from aging as well. And re-application every 2 hours is key to keeping your face protected all day. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen even when indoors! Yes, the rays of the sun can still harm you while inside as you can still be exposed to reflective surfaces, windows, and even gadgets!

3. THE ORDINARY Vitamin C Suspension

Admittedly, it feels a bit iffy applying this grainy paste on your face especially after cleansing but this Vitamin C can be your best anti-aging warrior. It also instantly brightens your face without making it look pasty white. I usually apply just a small drop over my face and neck in the morning, let it set for a few minutes then I apply sunscreen.


As you all know, I have not been blessed with perfect hair. My natural state would be MUFASA like. Hahaha! It’s thick, buhaghag and unruly. The only way I’m able to tame it now is because of Piandre Salon! They saved me! And now I love my hair, HAHAHA! I get regular Keratin treatments at least every 3 months in the salon and I also use this Keratin Complex Dry Shampoo especially in between blowdries. It cleans my scalp and also adds texture and volume to my hair too.

5. BIODERMA Moisturizing Makeup Removing Micelle Solution

I actually bought my first bottle in Paris and was so happy to find it again in HK and hoarded in a panic. HAHAHA! Ang mahal naman lumipad papuntang Paris just for a makeup cleanser! But good news, it’s now available in the Philippines. I just got a fresh bottle in Watsons last month. This is THE BEST makeup cleanser ever. For work, my face gets piled on with makeup and although it makes me look like a QUEEN…it makes my skin feel so worn out and dull after! This is the cleanser that I’ve been using for a year now and it really removes every trace of gunk on your skin. Even waterproof mascara wipes out smoothly! And unlike the other oily make up removers in the market, this just feels like water. It’s great if you have eczema or sensitive skin too! Super gentle and not greasy at all.

6. BEACHBORN Classy Not Brassy

Recommended by my Beauty Guru friend Cat Juan Ledesma (, this shampoo has a light purple dye that cancels out the redness in your hair color. And as the title suggests, it leaves your hair looking classy not brassy. Perfect for those who want to color their hair and keep it as shiny and healthy looking as need to worry about your hair turning coppery and orange-y after a few weeks.  I bought mine online 🙂 It has really worked for my hair! It’s sulfate free too so it’s safe for pregnant women too.

Hey, that was fun! I should share more beauty finds on the blog. Will come up with a new list soon 🙂 🙂 Thanks for indulging my beauty blogger moment! HAHAHA!


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