My Current Skin Care Regimen

I’ve been receiving a surprisingly laaaaarge number of emails asking for SKIN CARE tips. I’ve blogged about skin care numerous times already but just to give into your requests, I’ve decided to write about it again 🙂 I do understand how stressful it must be to have problematic skin, it can cause so much discomfort, a lack of confidence and a host of insecurities! I feel you sistah!!! Guys think it’s something so shallow to stress over—but it’s something VERY serious and I’m glad you have reached out to me for help! So let me try my very best to help 🙂 🙂 At the end of the day though, it all boils down to HYGIENE and HAPPINESS! Products are simply there to “aid” you, but it really is as simple as keeping things calm and clean–inside and out. ANG CHEESY!!!

Before you follow my skin care steps, you have to remember that WE ARE DIFFERENT—we have different genetic backgrounds, diets, sleep patterns, hygienic practices, etc. It’s not as simple as going to the mall and purchasing these items and hoping that your skin will miraculously change too. 

What works for Catherine Zeta Jones might not work for me but it might work for you. I struggled for many years too and it took a lot of hits and misses. You have to do your own research, read the labels, and test the products. These things work for ME now (who knows it might change in a year or two) because of my current lifestyle, age and skin type. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up, it’s important for me to be accountable to you guys as my friends and readers. Anyway here are some skin related things I wanted to be transparent about, if you fit the same profile, then you MIGHT have a better chance of making this skin care regimen of mine work. 

1. I am a happy loser. I don’t do drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol. At most, I’ll have a sip of wine for social events, but that’s it. 

2. I have limited sun exposure. I’m hardly outdoors except when I’m traveling or shooting on location. 

3. I have sensitive skin—combination to dry. I’ve had a history of eczema and my skin reacts to harsh chemicals, abrupt change in weather/climate, and even some pollens/plants! My skin was IN PAIN when I was in NYC, it was so dry and uneasy! I’m made for the Philippines! Hehehe!

4. Though I appreciate all your comments about my skin I want you to know that I still break out–my skin is NOT perfect. I find that when I’m stressed, dehydrated, or about to get my period–that’s when I get one nasty zit! Hehehe 🙂 

5. I rarely put THICK makeup. As much as I love the way I look with makeup, having a thick pile of makeup on every single day can cause premature aging and acne. So if I don’t have to slather on products for work, I try to keep my face bare as much as I can. 

Also be very careful with makeup, there are a LOT of healthy makeup brands that are smarter alternatives for your skin. If you need to put makeup on everyday, make sure you use brands with less harmful chemicals and check that your brushes are clean before applying makeup as this can cause acne! If you’re having your makeup done, request for the makeup artist to clean the brushes first before using it on you! It’s possible for the germs & bacteria to transfer from one face to another through brushes and sponges! Eeeekkk.

5. I’m annoyingly and obsessively clean with my body. I always take multiple showers in a day. It’s not very healthy (over showering can strip you off your body’s natural oils) but it’s an addiction that I’m dealing with.

For regular make up free days, I squeeze about a coin sized amount and massage all over my face. Then I take it off with a gentle facial tissue. Take note, I do not use water because this is a no-rinse formula. Avene is available in Mercury Drug. For days when I have a shoot/hosting gig and I have a ton of makeup on my face, I use Shu Uemera’s cleansing oil first before this step.

STEP TWO:  I apply this toner on a clean cotton ball and spread it all over my face. I let it dry for two minutes. This is a very gentle toner, you don’t even feel it sting! It just feels like water!

STEP THREE: I apply a drop of Argan Oil on my face and neck. One drop is more than enough! It’s a bit pricey for a bottle but since you just need a drop or two a day, this bottle will be with you for months! This is available in Beauty Bar.

STEP FOUR: If my skin is feeling extra dry, I apply moisturizer throughout the day just to make sure it’s getting nourished. For those with oily skin, I recommend trying the gel formula and only applying a little at a time.

STEP FIVE: This is something I just started a few days’s something I should’ve done years ago. SUNSCREEN! I don’t have wrinkles yet and I’m always indoors but just to be proactive, I’ve been applying sunscreen on my face every morning. To make it more effective, you should re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours. This Face Cover is available in VMV Hypoallergenics and is suitable for sensitive skin.

This is my regimen for both morning and evening (I skip the sunscreen at night!DUH!). Cleanse&Moisturize religiously and you’ll be fine! I do hope these products help you as much as they have helped me! You also have to keep yourself hydrated, get a lot of sleep and eat healthy!!! HAYYYY, the eating healthy part is something I AM STRUGGLING with—but we will get there together! 🙂 And remember, you are BEAUTIFUL regardless of your skin color, skin type, pimple or no pimple!!! Don’t aspire to have perfect and flawless skin—aspire to be HEALTHY in general and let your skin be a reflection of your physical, emotional and spiritual well being. 

9 Responses to My Current Skin Care Regimen

  1. Hi Ms Patty! Post din your hair regime! Hehehe! I love you you’re my life peg!!!! 🙂

  2. Hi, Patty! Just to clarify, this means you don’t wash your face with water + cleanser? I’ve heard a couple of women are doing it nga. I guess it must be effective. 🙂

  3. I use water+cleanser sometimes when I use diff cleansers to remove stubborn makeup and dirt—but on regular days when i dont have makeup, I use Avene tissue off cleanser. Sometimes tap water can be harsh on sensitive skin. you have to see what works with your skin 🙂

  4. Hi Ms Patty, can you blog about your hair care regimen as well? Your hair is always lovely and full of volume! Thanks!

  5. Hi Patty! i would just like to ask because im a bit confused…does it mean moisturizer is not recommended for oily skin? if not, what would be the best to apply after toner? u visit derm clinic regularly for facial cleaning??

  6. Minette, I’m talking about Clinique’s moisturizer in particular. They have a gel moisturizer for oily skin 🙂
    And yes, I visit Dr. Kaycee Reyes’ clinic regularly for facials 🙂