My First Bridal Shower at The Spa

Early this year, barely a month after I got engaged, THE SPA was kind enough to offer to take care of my bridal shower. I was beyond kilig about this!!! Patrick and I didn’t even have a date, venue, or a caterer yet—but I already had my bridal shower details set already! HAHAHA 🙂 After months of anticipation, I was finally treated to an intimate bridal SPARTY with my closest girlfriends. As my Matron of Honor (chief Matrona ba tawag dun?! Hahaha, I kid!) Alessa took charge of all the little details. Since she’s my BFF, she knew exactly what type of shower would suit me.Not that I have anything against raunchy bachelorette parties, I’ve attended quite a few and they were all very fun. I guess it’s just my personality (and also the type of friends I have)..I prefer small, casual get togethers that usually involve food, conversation, and a cool activity. In this case, the activity was PAMPERING at THE SPA! 
Alessa gave everything a very personal touch with lots of DIY crafts and of course Yummy Pipino food!! (Lemongrass Skewers, Puttanesca, and Green Tea Cupcakes!). I loved the brown and green theme!:) Check out the cute bandaritas with my name stamped on it, she made those rubber stamps from scratch!
My girls and I were treated to special facials and foot massages at the LOFT of The SPA in Bonifacio High Street. The first floor of the loft is a cozy area for guests to mingle and enjoy some light snacks, while the second floor is the treatment area. You can have up to 8 treatments simultaneously which means you can enjoy some chika time with your girlfriends while being pampered by the well trained staff of The Spa. For a small group of 10-15 girls, this is the perfect oasis in the middle of a busy business district. 
The Spa also pampered us with goodies. We each took home their signature scent blend and an oil burner! Now my condo will smell just like The Spa! Woohoo! 🙂
Check out my littlest spa guest, my inaanak, River!:) 
While the first batch of girls got their treatments, we decided to good around in the first floor. Kaia and Ding are old college friends of mine and whenever the four of us get together, it becomes a total riot! Ok, you probably won’t get what we were doing in these shots—I don’t get it either! Hahaha! The first collage is our “Diwata sa Gubat” photo shoot–inspired by Alessa. And the next is our “Naliligo Sa Batis” photo shoot—again, inspired by Alessa. As you can see, magaling si Ale mang-uto ng kaibigan.Hahaha!
After our “Prinsesa Alessa naglalaba sa BATIS scene”, we decided to do a round of Pinoy henyo! At one point, I was the GUESSER and Ale was my teammate. 
Patty: Tao?
Alessa: OO!
Patty: Nagtratrabaho sa gobyerno?
Alessa: Uhhhh..pwede….
Patty: May uniform siya?
Alessa: Uhhh…OO…
Patty: Security Guard?
Alessa: Kinda…
Patty: What’s the answer??

This party was a much deserved anti-stress time for me and my friends. We don’t see each other as much as I would love to because of our crazy work schedules but whenever we do, it’s always so meaningful and memorable. God has blessed me with genuine friends, what a blessing you guys are to me!Thanks also for all the vutesy pantulogs you gave I can finally retire my butas butas tshirts!Hahaha!  Thank you again to Ms Cel Torrefranca and THE SPA for this wonderful treat for our faces and tired feet! Ooohhh, I’m a poet (again). 
Photos by Sheila Catilo and Alessandra Lanot.

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  1. Nice Bridal shower Ms. Patty! Love it! 🙂 Congrats on your upcoming wedding! You’re really gorgeous Ms. Patty, and I adore you for being such a HUMBLE lady! 🙂 I love reading your blog and tweets! I’m happy for you! GOD BLESS!