My First Pair of Sevens

We’ve all heard Fergie sing about SEVEN JEANS and we’ve seen all our favorite celebrities sporting this cult brand in magazines and online fashion sites. Everyone seems to be crazy about 7FAM. These jeans are just so figure flattering, they work on all body types and heights—from petite moms like Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Jessica Parker to longer leaner gazelles like Katie Holmes, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, and my peg of pegs: Kate Middleton. 
7 For All Mankind was kind enough to give me a special Christmas treat—my very first pair of SEVENS!!! *Insert cartwheels here* Finally, my chance to look like Kate Middleton (well at least from the waist down—I still have to work on getting those gorgeous waves of hers!). I was sooooooooo excited, I forgot to eat breakfast and lunch. Wala ng kain-kain, I just zoomed straight to their Greenbelt 5 branch as soon as I got the message! As soon as I got my jeans, I nearly fainted—it was 1pm already and I was starving! HAHAHA! 
I had a bit of fitting room fun: I tried on several pairs, from the fancier ones with prints and glitters to the more classic denim staples 🙂 I was surprised to discover that they actually fit my curvy and petite body pretty well. I settled for the ankle skinny jeans (right photo) which are perfect for my short legs! Short legs but sexy sexy sexy legs na akooo!!!:) Kate Middleton level na ba??? 
My favorite styles are the Slim Cigarette, Skinny Boyfriend, and Ankle Skinny. For my 5’3 frame, these are the ones that fit me best 🙂 These designer jeans don’t come cheap and they will require a bit of inhaling and exhaling upon purchasing—but they will last you a lifetime and will be great staples in your wardrobe for many, many years. Thanks again so much to 7FAM for my new jeans, I can’t wait to wear them!!!!

3 Responses to My First Pair of Sevens

  1. Miss Patty, I love your photos! May I ask what camera were you using/holding while in the dressing room? I hope you can reply. Thank you in advance Ms. Patty!