My first visit to Affinity Dental

As a refresher for my second pregnancy, I remember doing some research for my to-do-list for keeping things safe and healthy for our next baby. Something that made its way to the top 5 list of priorities was my dental health. It was something I didn’t want to put off or delay because I’ve read so many articles on the importance of keeping your mouth, gums and teeth healthy during this very sensitive stage of child bearing. “Pregnancy can lead to dental problems in some women, including gum disease and increased risk of tooth decay. During pregnancy, your increased hormones can affect your body’s response to plaque (the layer of germs on your teeth).” -From Better Health Channel

So when I got invited by Affinity Dental to visit their branch in Westgate Alabang, it came at the most perfect time as I was really itching to have my teeth and gums checked at my first trimester. AFFINITY DENTAL is a chain of premium dental care facilities with branches in Alabang, BGC, Makati, Cebu and Bacolod. You’ll see more information about their top-notch facilities on their site

I also dragged my husband to join me for this visit because he was also due for a cleaning as well. And with clean teeth, healthy gums, and fresh breath that means more kisses from the misis HAHAHAHA!

We received lots of care and attention from the staff of Affinity Dental Alabang, with special thanks to Dr. Don Johnson Vito Cruz and Dr. Ma. Carla Angela Dimacuha of course!

Here are 5 Reasons Why I Really Enjoyed My Visit to Affinity Dental:

  1. They have inviting interiors that make you feel like your stepping into a spa and not your traditional dental clinic. It was very well lit and tastefully decorated, it definitely set the tone for me as a patient/customer.
  2. Germaphobes and OC Moms will definitely give this clinic a two thumbs up. It was sooooo clean with not a speck of dirt in site! Equipment and dental tools were all neatly organized throughout the clinic– zero clutter, zero mess. Instruments used for cleaning were sterilized properly and individually sealed for hygienic purposes. It definitely put me at ease knowing that they’re very meticulous about keeping their tools and instruments safe and sanitized.
  3. They use digital X-rays in their clinics. The use of digital X-rays provides significantly less radiation to the dental patient and is convenient and time saving for the dental practice.
  4. They have well trained professionals attending to you and giving you their undivided attention. Dr. Vito Cruz was very thorough in discussing all the pregnancy-safe options I could take in terms of approaching my dental health for the next few months. He explained everything so well and in such an engaging manner. Dr. Dimachuca also attended to Patrick’s needs on a personal level and made him feel well cared for during his cleaning. The service didn’t feel rushed, it felt personal and intentional—something very important to me as a patient. They really put a premium on developing the rapport between patient and doctor.
  5. They have a full menu of services for different needs—from serious health concerns to even those who are just looking for positive aesthetic changes. Your dental health is something you should prioritize in whatever age or phase of your life you are in. You can find the list here 🙂

Thanks again to Affinity Dental for inviting us to your clinic! I will definitely be back for more check ups and next time I’ll bring Theo along with me!

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