My Garden Dreams

I remember during our “styling on each other” days of our pre-couplehood, while parked in the car across the Salcedo park one afternoon, Patrick and I naturally (and inevitably) fell on the topic of kids, families, and dream houses. He loved kids, YEY! He was very family-oriented, YEY! And so it was a 2 out of 3 streak—then came the ideal house. This would be the deal maker or deal breaker for me. I asked him, “What would your dream house look like?” And then he answered “I don’t want a big house. I just want a small house—BUT with a garden.” AND I nearly died. Lord, this is THE ONE! Mwahahahaha! That has always, always been my dream—a small house and a garden!!!:) I could live in a 12sqm shack and it wouldn’t matter, as long as I’m surrounded by lush greens, flowers,bees and butterflies!!! 🙂 Of course I married him for his character, his beliefs, humor and good looks (syempre!!! wag na tayo magbolahan mga tsong! kailangan gwapo!)—but man, the dream house ideal was the “seal the deal” ticket for me. Hehehe! 

We have been so blessed to be living in a beautiful little loft for over a year now. The size is perfect for us and we enjoy being home bodies so much because we love where we live! It’s something I thank God for everyday—that we’re able to sleep soundly each night in a safe and clean space. This indeed is a gift we don’t deserve and many others around the world don’t enjoy, so we will always be grateful for our home. But Patrick and I would still love to make our “small home with a garden” dream come true—it doesn’t have to be a BIG garden, just a little pocket of green will do! It may happen next year or ten years from now but in the meantime, it wouldn’t hurt to start praying about it and daydreaming too 🙂 Here are some pretty gardens I’m crushing on today!

via thomas story
via apartment therapy
via apartment therapy
via apartment therapy

Okay, so one is actually a dining room and not a garden but I still loved the use of greens 🙂 And don’t you just love the chickens in the garden! Probinsya Happiness!:) But my garden dreams don’t end there—of course, if I have my own garden, I would be needing some garden tools too! Naks! Here are my favorites from Anthropologie! Sure, they’re fancy and frilly and probably not as sturdy as the ones you’ll find in Ace Hardware—but come on, how can you NOT want these garden tools?!?! Siguradong kokontra si Patrick so he’s welcome to use those bland gray/black tools—while I tralalalalala in the garden with these girly finds!

2 Responses to My Garden Dreams

  1. I love this post Patty 🙂 Our new home is just small too because my hubby and i want it that way..our cozy home is full of giggles and laughter of my 2 babies too 🙂