My Goodies

I love, love, love receiving gifts from friendly sponsors, small start up companies, young entrepreneurs, etc. As much as I would like to write about each and every product I’ve been lucky enough to receive at my doorstep (after all, a gift is still a gift and I should be thankful for each one)..I also have to remind myself that I have to be a responsible blogger. And so I have made a little promise to myself (and to my readers) that I will only feature the products that I actually LIKE. Meaning these are products that suit my personal style and meet my quality standards too (nakanaman! may standards pala ako!!!). Not that I’m an expert in fashion, beauty, travel, etc—it’s just that, this is a personal blog so I’d like to keep things personal, even down to my product recommendations. So what you will see on this site are things I’ve actually tried and tested–and things I feel would be nice for my good readers to check out as well. 🙂 So here are some products I received (and liked) last week!
I have a new BB cream addiction, folks. Fairydrops sent me their Ocher BB cream and I’ve been using it everyday. Since I have sensitive skin, I try to keep my skin foundation free on most days (when I don’t have to wear makeup for modeling/hosting gigs) so this is a really great product that evens out my skin tone. Their mascara is also my new favorite! It comes in waterproof and water resistent type, it doesn’t smudge at all and you can easily take it off with soap and water. No husband freaking out with your raccoon eyes the next morning. hahaha! This Japanese makeup cult brand is now available in Beauty Bar.

My Argan Oil supply was running low so I’m glad Taste Central sent a bottle to me recently! I use this as my moisturizer (in the morning and before bedtime). It may feel weird to slather oil on your face, but trust me it will really improve your skin’s texture. It’s really a must have!!!
Thank you Loreal Philippines for sending me these goodies for my hair! I just recently had my hair colored to a few shades lighter, so hopefully my new color will last a bit longer with this Ever Pure line. And yes, it’s SULFATE FREE! This means it’s perfect for those who suffer from allergies, eczema, and other scalp irritations. 
I probably shrieked YEHEYYYY fifteen times when this package arrived today. Hahaha! Thanks so much to Shop LesZ for sending me these cute knick knacks and cases for my iPhone! There’s even a cool Pinoy case for my husband!:) Now our bulok, gasgas at bugbog cases can now retire. 

4 Responses to My Goodies

  1. If given the chance I would love to feature also young entrepreneurs, small starting companies etc. but of course the one that I really like. Not just because they give me free stuff. I think social media has been a big part in some businesses’ success because word-of-mouth marketing can be easily transmitted.

    My personal faves from the stuff you had features is Suelas, LoudBasstard and food trips…

    Keep up Ms. Patty 🙂

  2. Hi Patty,

    May I ask where you purchase the Argan Oil aside from Taste Central? Is it really good for acne-prone skin too? If you could please recommend other tried-and-tested brands too, yung medyo pasok sa budget, hehe, that would be much appreciated. I know Kiehl’s is very effective also but it’s quite pricey. Thanks a lot! 🙂

    – Emi

  3. Hi Emi 🙂 For my skin it works wonders and I hope it does for you too. They also have in Rustans dept store 🙂 it’s pricey but you just use 2 drops at a time so it should last you a while.