My Husband’s New Toy: My Cloud EX2

I love it when I receive thoughtful gifts from both friends and sponsors, you can tell when something was handpicked just for you. This gift was extra special because it was addressed personally for my husband, Patrick! The folks at WD (represented by their PR firm) mentioned it to me a few weeks ago “Patrick does a lot of file sharing for work right? We have something that’s perfect for Thirty Six-O!”. Of course when she mentioned all the technical details, I’ll admit I got a bit lost in the jargon. Hahaha! But I just appreciated the thoughtfulness so much, I was more than delighted to receive it! Syempre pay-uwi ko I told Patrick about it and he had a big smile on his face. He was obviously thrilled to get the MY CLOUD EX2. It’s now stationed comfortably by his workspace and it has proven truly efficient in their office. Thank you again so much WD for this gift!!! It has saved Patrick and his employees a whole chunk of stress.
I honestly tried to explain the techie details in my own words, but with a few attempts I was just laughing at how funny it all sounded. I guess it would do the product more justice if I let the peeps at WD do the talking. So for those who are interested, here’s how the MY CLOUD EX2 can work for you! 

WD®, a Western Digital (NASDAQ: WDC) company and a world leader in connected storage solutions, today expanded its prosumer personal cloud solutions with My Cloud EX2, a high-performance two-bay network attached storage (NAS) system. The My Cloud EX2 and My Cloud EX4 products are designed from the ground up for creative professionals and prosumers that need to reliably save, share, back up, stream and manage large amounts of digital data.

Several data management and security features allow customers to select their preferred methods for managing and protecting their movies, photos, music and digital files. Drive management options include RAID 0, RAID 1; JBOD and spanning modes, while data protection options include RAID 1, USB, cloud or LAN/WAN backup. The My Cloud EX2 comes preconfigured in RAID 1 mode to protect data right from the start and is easily configurable into other data protection modes. Customers can use their My Cloud EX2 to centralize and back up all of their computers and notebooks with WD SmartWare™ Pro software for PC users, and with the Apple® Time Machine® backup software for Mac users.

My Cloud EX2 provides several capacity options for customers to choose from, including a diskless enclosure allowing users to build their own NAS with the drives of their choice, as well as populated systems in 4TB, 6TB or 8TB capacities1. Additionally, customers can attach compatible USB 3.0 hard drives to the USB expansion ports on the My Cloud EX2 to instantly expand their storage capacity. The populated My Cloud EX2 features WD Red® hard drives for ultimate reliability in the unique 24×7 NAS operating environment. WD Red drives are powered by NASware™ 2.0 technology, improving drive reliability and protecting customer data in the event of a power loss or disruption.

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