My June Resolutions

I’m not good in resolutions-keeping. Just like 95% of you, I’m overly enthusiastic about starting new habits or making lifestyle changes for the first 30 minutes then it’s downhill from there. But I hit 30 this year and after talking to my sister (who’s expecting!) I realized I need to make little changes NOW before it’s too late. So to make my resolutions more purposeful, I’ve chosen to share them with all of you—to make me more accountable! These may seem small and silly but they’re big to me, so I hope you would pray for me as I try to make these big little changes in my life! 

1. Become a MOTHER PARKER.

Although I love it that Patrick “LIKES” (quotation marks are necessary) to drive for me (this has always been his act of service even when we were still dating) I do know how to drive. I can get from point A to point B. And on Sundays, when the radio is playing my 90s jam–I cruise the streets like I’m friggin’ Vin Diesel (bobbing my head with wife beater sando and all). But my greatest weakness: PARKING. I need to learn how to PARK properly. I need to NOT be THAT annoying car in the parking lot, the one that’s sort of straddling the lines, occupying a parking lot and a half— don’t hate the car, hate the parker. Hehehe!

2. Become a Happy but Healthy FOODIE.
I’m obviously a FOODIE. People use the term very loosely these days and to some it’s often mistaken as simply being “matakaw”. Being a FOODIE is not just about eating, it’s really about having a well rounded experience when dining. It’s actually a very hipster term when you think about it which would cause food critics and proper connoisseurs to roll their eyes in disgust—but hey, I’m a proud and happy foodie of this generation! As Wikipedia defines it, “A foodie is a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food; a gourmet. Further, a foodie seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out for convenience or hunger.” 

They say you know you’re a FOODIE when you plan a whole vacation based on the restaurants you want to visit and the street food you’d like to try—HELLO, that’s ME!!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard “Wow, your New York honeymoon looked like so much fun! Parang kumain at kumain lang kayo dun!”. I personally think that HALF of my travel experiences are somehow food-related, it’s impossible to fully experience a new culture without food! The flavors, the spices, the local ingredients—these things not only satisfy your palate but they also give you a better understanding of the place you’re exploring. 

I want to live a happy life, a life with flavor! And this is WHY I’ve accepted that I will never be pin-thin, I won’t be able to do deprivation. Food is just a BIG part of me and if I give up my passion for FOOD—I will lose my SOUL!!!!! Not to sound overly dramatic but that’s honestly how I feel!!! So what I would like to do is to be more purposeful with my meals these days. Out with the cheap junk food! If I’m going to eat, I will EAT well and NOT LAZY. Nutritious, Wholesome, Honest to Goodness ingredients, Less Preservatives, and Full of Flavor! No more stuffing myself with food that has loads of calories but zero nutrition. If I’m going to eat sweets and guilty treats, it better be the best OMG WHERE DID YOU GET THAT kind of experience—and not just some lazy chichirya without any amore! The goal is to be SATISFIED and NOURISHED and to make eating a fun and fulfilling experience 🙂

3. Learn to COOK.
Which brings me to my THIRD resolution which I’ve been agonizing over for weeks . Hayyy. If I could share ONE MAJOR FRUSTRATION–it would be COOKING. Why is cooking such a CHORE and a BORE for me?!?!! Why can I not summon the inner Nigella Lawson?! Where is she?! She’s always MIA! Oh cooking gods, hear my pleas! The pots and pans are NOT my friends. They always look at me with judging eyes— “Do you even know what you’re doing, Missy?!?! Hmmmm?”. And those knives, they look shady to me. These measuring cups keep snickering back. Ugh. Right now, the KITCHEN is not my happy place. There, I admitted it. 🙁

For a 30 year old woman, and a newlywed at that, it is excruciatingly frustrating and if I could be even more transparent–it is one of my biggest insecurities. The perfect wife stereotype always has “excellent cook” on top of her list. It’s almost like you’re NOT a woman if you don’t know how to cook. Huhuhuhu. Like I said before, I’m not a girl, not yet a woman!!! I’m still a Britney! I’ve heard a trillion cooking tips, read countless cookbooks/magazines, researched online, watched all these cooking shows, etc. I’ve been TRYING really hard. 

I thought I was going cray-cray with all these Kitchen Insecurities so I actually googled it out of curiosity. And whoa! Kitchen Phobia and Kitchen Stress does exist and the signs and symptoms are all too familiar! Hahaha! It made me feel good to know that there are a ton of women who have kitchen issues too, just like me! I remember trying a new recipe for cookies, I bought all the ingredients, even documented each step with my iPhone (yes ang yabang ko pa! feeling ko I can blog about it!), then after 1 hour of slaving away—man it tasted like dog poop! MWAHAHAHAHA! Palpak! I just cried while deleting the pics on my iPhone! Sayang ang pag-picture picture ko dun!

But NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE with God. So even if it sounds like something so simple (yet so complicated for me!)—I am lifting it up to the Lord in prayer. I want to see the Lord work in me! I will take it one step at a time, learn one new dish a week 🙂 I am also praying for Patrick, that he will still love me despite my ugly egg omelettes and sunog na pancakes. Hehehe!

4. Move my BUM BUM. 
I’m actually very excited to start YOGA and actually develop a long term relationship with fitness! I had to wait a few months after my operation before I could work out–hehehe, not like I worked out before!!!—I’m not an exercise bunny but I am determined to start a more active lifestyle and stick to it. I don’t want to get sick again, I don’t want to be hospitalized again, so I have to do something about my health. This is also MY prayer request!!! I pray that the Lord will make it FUN for me 🙂 🙂 I will have my very first yoga class tomorrow at Urban Ashram so I’m nervous and excited—it’s like being in the first grade all over again! 

5. Carve out time for QUIET TIME.
This is something I have failed miserably in lately. I find that when I don’t pray, read the Bible, listen to a nice song, or take time to pick up some inspiration..that’s when my life gets overly complicated! I need to FORCE myself to stop and actually schedule my QUIET TIME everyday 🙂 We all need just a few minutes a day, just a pocket of silence, just time to spend with God—just to chat, tell him about your day, lift up your current issues. It’ll save you from going insane, especially when you have a ton of things to do. Think of it as your self-mandated vacation time in the middle of a chaotic work day! It’s nice to just click the reset button and start with fresh eyes and a well rested heart! I feel bad for neglecting this because I’ve become so busy but it’s never too late to start building that connection with God again 🙂

4 Responses to My June Resolutions

  1. Hi Patty,

    These are awesome and (I think) do-able resolutions. I personally started practicing yoga regularly (I try to go 5-6 times a week!) and I love it. I enjoy and look forward to my practice everyday. I hope you will get to have the same outlook as me.

    I have actually tried taking classes at Urban Ashram Manila (High Street branch) and their studio is amazing, I have no complaints. I mean you can’t go wrong with Kenneth Cobonpue. The shower rooms are good and I love the lemon grass shampoo and body wash! The instructors are quite good especially if you’re a beginner but when you progress through you practice, I find that it sort of gets boring. My friends and I have transferred to Bliss Yoga Manila and the classes are really challenging, perfect for people who want to advance in their practice of yoga. You may want to try it some time 🙂

    That’s all. Sorry for the lengthy comment. Have fun in your yoga class and I wish you luck in keeping these resolutions!

  2. I love everything from 1 to 5 but number 5 is the best! Quiet time with God, yes, it keeps me sane as well. 🙂 You can do it!

  3. Hey Patty, we’re the same age (well, I’m still about to turn 30 on October) :). I feel you! Eating good food, moving the bun (hardest ever for me a couch potato like me), and the QUIET TIME. 🙂 You’re not alone. As for the cooking, I don’t cook quite often but when I do, That’s what one of the things I love to do. You’re a foodie, so cooking can be something natural for you, just don’t stress with the recipes and go with the flow 😉