My Knock Knock Joke FTW! For the World, For the Win!

The amount of kilig I’m feeling at this very moment is beyond description and too marvelous for words!!! 
MY JOKE MADE IT TO SPOT’S TWEETS OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!! What an incredible feat for a professional jokester like me. They put me right next to Lea Salonga, Richard “You were my imaginary boyfriend in the first grade” Gomez, Charice “Call me Bieber” Pempengco, David “Sit on my lap and let me comb your hair” Archuleta, and Grace “RP-Korea Friendship Day” Lee!!! On behalf of the joking community, I’d like to thank SPOT.PH for this award! Thank you to my Dad, who taught me how to deliver all my knock-knock jokes with confidence and gusto and helped me develop my timing and execution. Thank you Pops for teaching me to believe in my own jokes! And to all you haters out there, sa mga nagsabi na baduy yung jokes ko dati.. I just want to thank you…because you made me STRONGER by putting me down and saying “Nyehhh”..look who’s laughing now?!?!! HMPH! *Celebratory Tribal Dance*

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