My Life at the Office

After 5 long and beautiful years of teaching,  I’ve decided to take a little break so I can become a student again. I’ll be teaching part-time and studying. Keeping my fingers crossed and praying that I will be able to go back to grad school in a few months 🙂

As I was clearing out my iphoto albums, I stumbled across these pictures and started getting teary eyed!! I miss my little rascals!!:( Summer breaks are always too long for me, it keeps me away from my little ones! So here’s a post dedicated to my kids…with some old posts as well 🙂

Here’s a random video clip of my JK students. Prior to clicking the record button, we had a whole spiel practiced..but as soon as we started rolling, it was total chaos! No, we were not filming in the basement of Makati Med..hehehe 🙂 These kids are the sane kind of crazy..or so I think. I’m sure they got the crazy from their teacher..ahem,ahem.



An excerpt from a blog entry,  September 2009.

Teaching is H-A-R-D. And I’ll have to admit there are days when I feel like quitting–with all the stress, expectations, and even the drastic weight loss. (I had to double my food intake ever since I started teaching dahil ang bilis ko ng pumayat!) But the one thing that keeps me sane are the insane comments I hear from my kids. Araw-araw may baon akong kwento. My dad keeps telling me that I should write a book! Well, maybe in 2-3 years I’ll have enough material! 🙂

I’d like to share with you some of my favorite classroom scenarios. It’s not Dave Chappell or Rusell Peters level of funny, but still worth laughing over. You’ll have to work with me here, syempre mas nakakatawa if I re-enact it with their facial expressions and actions..but just try to imagine that they’re only 3 feet tall with so much spunk and attitude and hopefully you’ll get it!

*I had to change their names to protect their identities.*

Two boys building a tower with lego blocks…
Boy 1: “Hey JP! You have to look for the red piece!”
Boy 2: “It’s not here!!! I’ve been looking and looking but the red one’s gone!”
Boy 1: “Ugh! It’s over here! Hay JP…you’re really not good looking!”
Boy 2: “Teacher, Max said I’m not good looking…huhuhuhu”

Two boys seated next to each other…
Boy 1: “Get away from me Josh, you’ve got bad breath!!!! Yuckkk!”
Boy 2: (crying) “Teacher!!!!! Mark said I have bad breath!!”
Teacher Patty: “Well darling, that means you’ll have to brush your teeth more often. You see, if you don’t brush your teeth..the germs will live inside your mouth!”
Boy 2: (trying to stop his crying) “Ok, Mark *hiccup*, Mark, listen to me please… I’ll brush my teeth…*hiccup*…and then..and smell my mouth ok?? You promise??”

Just a few days after the passing of MJ…
Kid: “Teacher, Michael Jackson is black and white right???”
Teacher Patty: “Ummm..actually..he was black then became yes, you’re right in a way!
Wait ,who is Michael Jackson? Do you know him?”
Kid: (looks at me in this annoyed“Hay naku, bakit di mo siya kilala?!” way then whispers into my ear) “Teacher?!?! He’s the greatest musician of all time!”

Two “cool” kids and one “slightly less cooler” kid playing…
Pa-cool Kid: “Hey guys, hey guys, can I sit with you? Can I sit here please?? Oh please, John..I want to sit here next to you!”
Cool Kid: “Ughhh..No! I don’t want!”
Pa-cool Kid: “Oh please, please,please. I’ll let you borrow my OCTOPUS prime!”
Cool Kid’s Sidekick: “Jay, you just want to sit next to John because he’s POPULAR!!!!”
Teacher Patty: (intervenes) “Children, you have to learn to be friends with everybody. By the way, do you understand what POPULAR means?”
Cool Kid’s Sidekick: (looks at me with a cocky “I know my Shizz” attitude, sits on the chair na naka-dequatro then waves his hands to the air) “Of course! Popular is when you’re FABULOUS!”

Talking about G.I. Joe…
Teacher Patty: “So Andrew, what did you do over the weekend?”
Kid: “I watched G.I. Joe! I really like Scarlet!”
Teacher Patty: “Yes, I like Scarlet too! I don’t like that other girl..the one with the black hair..Anna?”
Kid: (blushes dahil kinikilig) “I like Anna!! Because she’s TOTALLY HOT!”
Teacher Patty: (laughing) “Darling! That girl is too old for you!”
Kid: “I love checking out chicks! When I grow up I’m going to check out ALL the chicks in the wooooooorld! yesssss!!!”

Nagdadabog na bata…
Teacher Patty: “Oh, what’s wrong? Why are you angry?”
Kid: “I hate Frank Sinatra!!!!”
Teacher Patty: “Why?? But he’s a really good singer!”
Kid: “Because he’s my lola’s boyfriend!!! I only want her to be with my lolo! Everyday nalang,she always talks about Frank, Frank,Frank!”

Kid asking for alcohol..
Kid: “Teacher, pahingi ng hangkolol”
Teacher Isa: “Lauren, it’s al-co-hol…ok..sabihin mo AL”
Kid: “AL”
Teacher Isa:”CO”
Teacher Isa:”HOL! ALCOHOL!”
Kid: (with a big smile)”HOL! HANGKOLOL!!!”

An excerpt from a blog entry, March 2010. 

I’ve heard it probably 4-5 times before, the odd question:”Kailangan ba lahat ng preschool teacher maganda? Parang basta maganda ka, pwede ka na magturo.” One person even asked me if facial symmetry is a factor in hiring teachers. (Well, he did have basis for this so I’ll have to give him points for making a little sense. There is after all a study that shows babies respond to symmetric faces positively.) So if this were true, a job interview over the phone would go like this:

Applicant: So I graduated magna cum laude….
School Principal
: Yes, yes, sure..but are you PRETTY?????
Applicant: Uhmmm.. i guess so.
School Principal: Then you’re HIRED! You start monday!

I’m still trying to figure this one out and haven’t really mastered the proper way of responding. Is this a supposed compliment? Then why do I feel insulted and not flattered? Or am I just being defensive? So far, I’ve settled for a sweet “sige lang, sige lang” smile hangga’t nahanapan ko na ng tamang anggulo ‘to. I guess it really depends on the person asking, like any other question..if it comes from a well meaning friend then it makes all the difference in the world.

But you know what, in my own simple words with nothing close to scholarly to back me up on this, I really think preschool teachers “look good” simply because we’re happier than everyone else in the workforce!:) Sure, we dont get paid well but we get hugs and kisses 100 times a week. We get “You look so beautiful today, Teacher!” every single day. Even on days when I feel like crap..those days when I’m PMS-ing and got only 3 hours of sleep, oddly enough..maganda pa rin ako para sa kanila! Kahit may malaki akong tigyawat sa ilong, they’ll just say “Oh poor Teacher Patty, she has a wound in her nose”. Don’t you just love it when it’s called a “wound” as opposed to “pimple”. Hahaha!:) I’ve received the best compliments of my life in my four years of teaching– wearing no make up and dressed in ill fitting clothes, than during the many years of doing modeling and tv work kung saan feeling glam girl pa ako! Haha! But during weekends I really desperately dress up just to keep my cool mojo..even just for one night a week!

I think there are many valuable lessons I learn from my kids everyday. Things you tend to forget when you get older. Things that adults can’t seem to understand.

1. Kids always tell the truth.

2. They don’t care who you are, what you look like, or where you’re from. They don’t care about what you did 3 years ago..well, partly because they weren’t born yet..but that’s not the point, hehe. But they do care about how you that means no one will love your feet unconditionally, well maybe Jesus..maybe,just maybe.

3. Boogers can taste like Burgers (when you’re desperate).

4. Hindi sila nagtatanim ng galit. Tampuhans last for 3 minutes tops and everything can be resolved through hugging. “Sorry” is easy when you really mean it.

5. Laughing is like breathing, you need to laugh to survive! If you ain’t laughing, you ain’t living!

An excerpt from a blog entry, March 2009.

Dear Six Year Old Patty,

I’ve got two words for you. HAIR BRUSH. It’s this magic instrument human beings use to groom themselves.. maybe you should try using one, it will change YOUR LIFE. Who knows, maybe your crush will start calling you “Patty” instead of “Panty”. Oh, and please tie your ribbon. I know you’ve always been a non-conformist..but who has those issues in the first grade? No one. So just tie your ribbon and look pretty like everyone else!

Twenty Five Year Old Patty

Obviously this photo was taken after a game of Ten-Twenty where I was the perpetual saling kit-kit because I was too much of a pansy to play the actual game. Yes, I was THAT kid. The smallest kid in the class who was always eager to play but never really had the SKILLZZZ to be in any team. They just put me there because I was NICE! Aguuuyyyy! The PAIN.

This photo revokes my license to poke fun at dugyuts.. because as you can see, I was a little Stinkinella! I actually don’t look stinky here..I look SALTY!!! Now, if you didn’t get that it’s because you’re too clean! Hahaha!

So to all my friends who make fun of me for being a neat freak and for taking too many showers in a day…AHA! Here’s proof that I was once a happy, dirty, little rugrat!

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  1. Being a teacher of kiddos myself and reading your blog was like reading my everyday life in school too! I’m such a fan! More power to you! (I don’t have a blogspot so i dunno if I could post a name but just in

  2. Very cute kids! I used to be a teacher, too. Congrats on your new blog! I love reading your blog. You should ditch your blog title because it’s definitely not a waste of time visiting here. I hope you pay a visit on my blog too. It would be an honor:) more power!

  3. Hahaha…this post made me laugh the hardest. the last pic cant change the fact that youre my biggest crush. ahem…ahem.. lucky patrick!