My Mini-Me

So here’s my OOTD! And you know what that means, “Oo, Tweetie De Leon” ay wait, that should be #OOTDL 🙂 Hahahaha! For some reason, the skies couldn’t make up their mind today so I stepped out in my rainy-sunny outfit just to be safe. Today was also the debut of my new baby, the IPAD MINI from Smart!! I took it out to Serendra—lakwatsa si iPad Mini with my friends! Hahaha! Thanks again so much to my Smart Family for this special gift!!! 🙂 🙂 

Getting a Smart Bro LTE iPad gives you value for your money, fast Internet connection bundled with lots of freebies you will never get from anywhere else. For those who have wanted and waited for a good deal on the iPad Mini, Smart Bro’s Postpaid iPad Plans make it easier and lighter than ever to own a fully-connected iPad Mini wifi + cellular! You can also snag a great deal for an iPad4! Choose between 499 or  999 a month. Just click on this link for more details! 


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