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A few weeks ago I hosted Physiogel’s #FreeInMySkin Movement, basically it’s a pay-it-forward campaign that allows women to tag other inspiring women and just share some good vibes. I realized I haven’t nominated my 3 girls for this yet so I’m dedicating this post to my 3 “Momspirations” and BFFs. The criteria was SMART, STRONG, and SENSITIVE so these 3 girls definitely fit the bill. In fact, I think I’ll add SEXY too! 🙂

My first nomination goes to SHEILA JUAN-CATILO. She’s a photographer, a mom to 3 girls: Sky, River and Luna, and wife to Jorem. A lot mistake her for a 13 year old but this 32 year old is one tough cookie! She is one heavyweight in a featherweight body. She was doing photo shoots during all 3 pregnancies and still managed a household so effortlessly. She just gave birth to Luna a few days ago and again, she proved to be one of the strongest people I know! If I could have a strength peg—siya na yun 🙂 🙂

My next nod goes to our other BFF, STELLA PASTORES-ESQUIVIAS. Stella runs her own law firm with her husband Julz and is also a hands on mom to Jaden and Sophia, she blogs regularly too at Just like Sheila, Stella is also a friend from ICA. We were best friends since the first grade and after 25+ years we still make each other laugh. Stella is my jokes twin—we have this humor connection that is so undeniable! Hindi ko pa sinasabi yung joke, gets na niya! There are some things in my life that I find comical and it’s always Stella who’s the first to get it. Every time I feel overwhelmed with my workload, I just put Stella in my thought bubble. She juggles court hearings, meetings with multiple clients, filing paper work, picking up her son from preschool, breastfeeding, going on date nights with Julz, and everything else in between. She makes me feel inspired to DO IT ALL and to shine in all aspects of my personal life and career.

And my last nomination goes to my sister-in-law CECIL MARFORI-FILART. Cecil is an architect&commercial model, a mommy to Audrey&Natalie, wife to Jonsy and mommy blogger at When I met Cecil for the first time (when Pat and I were still going steady), I knew in my heart that we would be great friends. l was sure that we would click because we had so much in common! She’s easy going, she loves to travel and EAT, and she’s girly but still super low maintenance–just like ME! There’s a warmth about her that makes people naturally gravitate towards her. Magaan siyang kasama, which is why she is loved by many. It is by her example that I have learned how to become a creative, practical, and resourceful wife (and mom in the future!).

These three women are more than just my chika buddies (although, yes, we like to chat endlessly), they are my support system, my prayer warriors, and my source of inspiration. I thank the Lord for blessing me with these 3 ladies and I would like to celebrate them today and every day! 🙂 🙂


Since Physiogel helps women in their battle against dry, sensitive skin—it indirectly empowers them to step out and do things more confidently. It may sound shallow at first– fussing over skin problems– but it’s a reality that a lot women face each day and is really a cause for insecurity. You can learn more about the #FreeInMySkin Movement by visiting their site HERE or watching this video of Patti Grandidge HERE. So who are your 3 inspirations??? Maybe you can tag them too and make them smile today! 🙂

The images in the collage above are by Catilo Photography.

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