March Mommy Favorites

Hey there MOMS!!! I know it’s been a while since I’ve shared my favorite picks—you’ll have to bear with me. Being a working mom has been quite a challenge and I’m eternally on kapa-kapa sa dilim mode 🙂 So here are some products that have become my lifesavers lately, some were given as gifts, some I purchased. But all have been tried and tested by yours truly before posting on the blog. I know how it feels to save and save for something, so I’ve vowed to only promote products I can actually vouch for. Hope this list helps somehow!


Mixie Bottles (@mixiephilippines)

As you all know, my medical condition has led me to become a breastfeeding advocate who is also a formula mom! Hahaha how ironic! I will always believe that Breastmilk is best for BABIES and will always encourage moms everywhere to try their very best to breastfeed if their body allows them to. But if you have some physical ailments like me or other personal reasons that have caused you to switch to formula—don’t you worry!! Our babies will be nourished fully by the Lord despite our own shortcomings. We are still amazing moms, no matter how we choose to feed our babies. Believe in the truth of that statement! 🙂 🙂

I completely vouch for this brand of bottles! They have saved me from a life of misery! Hahahaha! The downside of formula is the whole tedious process of mixing and preparing each feed, it’s so tiring and can really take a toll on your body. Ever since I was introduced to MIXIE, my life as a formula mom has changed!!! You’ll have to google a bit so you can see the technology behind these amazing bottles. They are available here in the Philippines via @mixiephilippines 🙂 They’re admittedly quite expensive but if you think of the time and energy saved, hayyyy, splurge na for your sanity!!!!! Hahaha

All Around Bra ( 

Ever since Theo turned 6 months, I’ve been trying my best to work out as much as I can. For a working mama with zero free time, 2-3x is already golden for me! I wish I had more time but that’s all I’ve got for now–it’s still better than no activity, right? Hahaha. Getting back into shape has been quite a struggle especially since I had C-section but I’m working out to be stronger for my baby. This Coobie Bra is my new favorite. It’s a very versatile bra—can be used for travel, working out and even breastfeeding!

Baby Tooth Wipes (@SpiffiesPH) 

Theo loves eating his fruits and veggies and that’s why I’ve started him on these Spiffies ever since we introduced solids. These wipes look like smaller versions of wet wipes but safe for oral exposure. It has xylitol which helps clean the teeth, mouth and gums without any harmful chemicals.

Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy (@grandmaelsph)

I discovered this line from @cudsly last year and I’ve been loving it ever since. I use it on Theo’s bum when it gets irritated. It’s very gentle and doesn’t aggravate his rashes further.

Bowl and Food Masher (@NubyPH)

This bowl/masher combo is perfect for moms on the go who still want to prepare fresh food for their little tots. It’s pretty self explanatory, just mash and feed as you go!

Snoofy Bee Diaper Mat (@bundleofjoyph)

My little bugoy is quite an active one. I seriously think we should enroll in Karate or Taekwondo as soon as they let him in! Hahahaha! He loves twisting and turning especially when we change his nappies. This Diaper Mat is not your ordinary changing pad, it comes with some attachments for you to hook in some toys to keep your tot pre-occupied while you change him. It has a revolutionary design that I think a lot of moms of kulit babies will appreciate. Thanks Gel for sending this my way! Will post more pics of Theo using it soon.


I was introduced to this HAPPY DOC Spray for the room by a Davao-based Pediatrician, Rianne Lu. You can email her if you wish to order 🙂 I love that this is a healthier and safer alternative to the usual chemical based bug sprays we find in the grocery.  This is definitely something I would recommend to beat all those darn mosquitoes! P1470710-001

And this spread is my ultimate source of joy!!! The books given by family and friends for Theo!!! I am admittedly very challenged when it comes to reading–I never really had it checked but it must be something with my eyes or my brain! Hahaha! It was something I struggled with as a child and caused a lot of hindrances for me as an adult. I really hope and pray that Theo’s fate will be different. I want him to become a happy reader, to develop a love for books at his own pace and capacity, and to fully immerse himself in the written word. We are slowly growing Theo’s library and I can’t wait for him to start reading.

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