My New Domain

After one million years and a couple of emails from readers pestering me, I finally decided to change my domain–here it is!! The only downside though is that all my FB likes on my previous posts disappeared too–huhuhu! But that’s ok, a small price to pay for the new addy! Now I’m TOO LEGIT, TOO LEGIT TO QUIT! You can now simply type this address and you will be redirected to my blog site. Same old blog in a whole new address!:) I took the liberty of making a whole rainbow just so that it burns right into the deepest, darkest crevices of your brain! COLOR! COLOR! KAPOW! KAPOW! There’s NO escaping the rainbowwwww!!! 
Now that I have my own dot com, I feel like  a superduperstar!!! I think I could be the next OPRAH!!! Look at that, we’re practically TWINS!! HELLOOOOO!!??! I’m surprised they haven’t featured me on a “Separated at Birth” story with Mommy O! Of course she has curly hair and I have straight hair–but come on you have to admit, the resemblance is just uncanny! hahaha 🙂
Ang galing ko talaga mag-photoshop. Sometimes I just wanna high five myself. Now, if you are STILL having difficulty remembering my new web address here’s a simple formula–You have “www” then MY NAME then a dot com! Get it, get it? Hindi pa rin?!?!?! Ok, ok, I’ll make it EVEN EASIER so here’s a friendly chart armed with visual aids that will serve as your guide. 
Still don’t get it?!?!? Damnit, I give up!

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