My not-so-secret Skin Secrets

Those who know me well know that I’m always awkward with compliments. The first word that comes out of my mouth when greeted by a sweet praise is “Nyehhh!”. It’s almost like a reflex reaction that I can’t shake off. In my heart I was hoping to say “That’s so sweet of you to say. Thank you!” but instead I let out a sharp and nasal “Nyehhh!” and cringe as soon as that despicable non-word escapes my lips. 
My aunt once told me that there’s grace in giving and also grace in receiving. When someone gives you a positive comment, you should welcome it gracefully and show how much you appreciate the kind gesture. In a world filled with people bashing and gossiping, it’s nice to meet people who actually take the time to compliment rather than criticize. It could be something as casual as “Uyyy, blooming ka ngayon!” or “Galing ng report mo kanina!”. It’s a very admirable trait to deliver encouragement to others in short and simple phrases. 
So this is what I’m learning right now, how to accept compliments gracefully. My inbox has been flooded with emails the past few months about my skin, to which admittedly I’ve said “Nyehhhh!” to a couple of times. It’s not that I don’t love your compliments, I REALLY DO. You have no idea how HAPPY it makes me feel to receive all your kind words..especially after a LONG day at work! It’s such a big boost!
As much as I love your praises I have to tell you though that my skin is far from flawless. I have breakouts just like any other girl, especially during that time of month. I’ve had my share of pimple disasters, dry and chapped skin, and horrible sunburn. I have VERY sensitive skin, and by VERY..I mean ULTRA SENSITIVE. My skin reacts to makeup so quickly, I get red blotches and allergies with certain brands so I’m very particular with makeup. My zits are scene stealers and major divas who crave attention! And even if I try to zap them with ointments and creams..they refuse to give up without a fight! Eto lang masasabi ko, ang tigyawat ang pinaka-EPAL sa mundo! Talo pa niya yung kaklase mong feeling! Hahaha! 
To be honest with you, I was pushing this post aside because I was trying to figure out how to attack it.  Since I am no beauty expert or a licensed dermatologist, I was scared to face this topic. Nahihiya ako magmarunong, isipin niyo pa na nagfefeeling ako tulad ng EPAL kong pimple! Hahaha. But I guess just like all my posts, I think it’s important to just remain honest and tell you what I know now and hope that you receive it positively 🙂 
So first things first, to keep in the theme of being HONEST with all of’s a photo I took as soon as I got up this morning. This is how I look without a spot of concealer, foundation, blush, or powder. And this is my favorite green pantulog, the softest T shirt in the WORLD!!! 🙂 I’ve decided to break down my tips in elementary form, to explain things as simple as I possibly can. Most tips are very common sensical and basic, so please bear with me.

1. Keep things simple.
I try to maintain a very low maintenance approach when it comes to my skin regimen. You don’t have to spend thousands of pesos each year just for skin care. Go for trusted brands, practice good personal hygiene, and have a positive outlook on life! Love your natural beauty and find ways to enhance it, NOT alter it.
Like most women, I easily get tempted to try new products especially when I read the enticing labels or see celebrity endorsements. Mabilis ako mapabilib, “Wow! Gusto ko rin maging kasing ganda ni Natalie Portman..bibili na ako niyan!” But what I’ve discovered in my many years of experimenting is that if you find something that works, just stick to it. The problem with piling on different products is that it confuses your skin..your skin ends up becoming schizo, not knowing exactly how to react to all the different creams and ointments. Don’t pile on skin products simply because the label says it’ll do wonders for your skin, listen to your body’s needs and see how your skin reacts to it. You also have to understand that as you age your skin’s needs may change too, so you may have to make the necessary adjustments. Before you purchase a product, do your research to determine if it’s appropriate for your age, for your skin type, and for the weather/climate in the Philippines. 

2. Drink lots of H20.
I love, love, love water. Every time I travel half of my pocket money goes to my water expenses. Waiters hate me because I’m that annoying girl who keeps ordering water, again and again. This is also why I keep peeing non-stop! Hahaha 🙂 But drinking lots of water can do wonders for your skin. Keeping yourself hydrated in the inside will definitely show on the outside. Water is the most important element in cellular integrity and can make your skin smooth and clear. Water is the cheapest beauty trick plus it’s calorie free! 
3. Hit yourself with an extra dose of Vitamin A, C and E.

Vitamin A is known for promoting cell growth and is great for both your skin and eyes. Vitamin C and E are both good sources of antioxidants which protect and repair your skin cells. So load up on the vitamins by taking supplements or eat lots of vitamin rich fruits and veggies!
4. Never sleep with makeup on.

Even if I’m terribly sleepy after hosting an event, I never ever go to bed with even a teeny tiny speck of make-up. I’m practically on zombie cleansing mode especially when I get home at the wee hours of the morning. I make sure I cleanse my face, once, twice or even thrice before hitting the sack. You have to remove EVERYTHING, even the most stubborn mascara marks on your undereye area. Use a cleansing oil first to break down all the grime then follow it up with your facial cleanser.  You can use baby oil to take away stubborn eye makeup.
5. Clean your sponges, brushes, etc.
Make sure that everything that touches your face is bacteria free! So always clean your makeup tools!:) If makeup is part of your daily routine, make sure you take care of your makeup and store them properly so it doesn’t become a breeding ground for germs. 
6. Moisturize.
This is something you should never ever scrimp on! It’s IMPORTANT to determine what skin type you have before buying a moisturizer. Are you OILY? Do you find yourself shiny in photos all the time? Then a gel based, oil free, or water based moisturizer will probably suit you best. Do you have DRY skin? Does your skin feel chapped, flaky, and itchy on most areas? Then maybe a cream based moisturizer works for you. My skin is more of the combination type, wherein I’m oilier on the T zone area and dry on the other parts. So I always make sure that the moisturizer is suitable for my unique type of skin.
7. Groom your eyebrows.
This is something most women take for granted. If you’re scared of tweezing or plucking, try waxing your brows. The pain is tolerable and instant. Eyebrows frame your eyes (which to me is such a big asset!) so if you groom your eyebrows well it instantly makes your face seem brighter and lighter! Just make sure you dont over-groom them as thinner eyebrows can make you look older!
8. Wear pearl studs.

Pearl studs illuminate your face! When I’m too lazy to put makeup on, my instant pick-me-upper are my simple pearl earrings. They serve as mini light bulbs that give you that pop of light! Plus pearls work well with any outfit, it’s a classy way to look well put together!:)
9.Stay away from alcohol and cigarettes.
Alcohol has a dehydrating effect which could cause your skin to look dull and lifeless. Also it lowers skin cell turnover which leaves all the dead skin on the surface. It’s fine to have a glass of wine from time to time, I still enjoy the occasional lychee martini, but if you consume a lot of alcohol every night this will definitely manifest in your skin. 
I have a lot of friends who smoke and I’m very tolerant of their personal choice. It’s a tough habit to break and smoking is a stress reliever for some, which I completely understand. Although personally, I’d like to stay cancer free. Every time I go out at night and I’m exposed to second hand smoke for a couple of hours, I end up breaking out the following day. So you can imagine how harmful it could be for the actual smoker. Try to cut down on your cigarette consumption and you’ll see how miraculously your skin will glow after a few weeks.
10. Think HAPPY thoughts!!!

Bottomline: Whatever you feel on the inside will manifest on the outside. If you are stressed, depressed, fatigued..then your skin will start looking dull and lifeless. So try to think positive thoughts, make changes in your lifestyle that will make you feel happy and healthy in the inside. Change doesn’t happen overnight but I promise you, if you feel confident, beautiful, and fulfilled in the will show in your skin! Sounds like a beauty queen pep talk..but HAPPINESS is the best beauty secret!


1. Eat more tomatoes.

Blehk, tomatoes. I hate raw tomatoes. But I have to eat MORE tomatoes if I want to keep a clear complexion. Hayyyyy. 
2. Exercise regularly.

Yes, yes, I NEED TO EXERCISE!!!!! This is something on my urgent to-do-list! Here are some tips from the experts that actually convinced me to bring my sad, lazy ass to the gym (pero pwede next year nalang?!?!?!)…

“Any increase to the body’s circulation will improve the look of the skin, as well as boost detoxification and cell renewal. I don’t think there are any studies that show which exercises are best, but of course yoga and more stress-relieving exercises help to smooth lines (as the muscles are contracted in the face) and lower stress hormone levels, which could be seen as helpful for our skin.”- Annet King

“Exercise is good for every organ in the body. Since the skin is the largest organ it goes without saying that the skin benefits as well. Perspiration acts as a body cooler during exercise and this enables your body temperature to be maintained.”- Dr. Helen Flamenbaum

3. Lessen sugar intake.
Studies suggest that excessive intake of sugar may damage your collagen and elastin fibers..which could lead to wrinkles and saggy skin! Ay patay tayo diyan!!! I love sweets TOO much! This calls for DIVINE INTERVENTION! Only God can cure me of this sugar addiction! 🙁

4. No zit popping.
But don’t you just want to annihilate that blasted zit?!?! Don’t you just want to murder that pimple and shout “DIE! DIE! DIE YOUUUU!!!”. Ok, I’ve done this so many times and apparently it’s a big NO-NO. Popping may cause acne scars and it’s best to leave the zit zapping to the experts which leads me to the number 5. 
5. Visit your dermatologist.
I’m LAZY, I hate going to clinics and hospitals. If I could self-medicate myself forever, I would. But that’s a very bad attitude and a very dangerous path to take. I don’t have a degree in medicine at hindi lahat ng sakit ay nagagamot ng Paracetamol. It’s important to seek help from a professional! If you have recurring skin problems, then ask your doctor for the proper medication for it. Sometimes, skin problems are linked to your internal organs, your genetic make up, or your it goes beyond the surface level and may need more than just the usual creams and beauty potions. Doc knows best!
Back in the era of mammoths and mastadons, I was a Neutrogena girl! And to this day, I still use many of their products. Their products are made for even the most sensitive skin so it’s perfect for all types! Unlike most brands, Neutrogena really invests millions every year on research. It’s more than just vanity, it’s about the science behind each product that I really believe in. For a decent laugh, here’s my old nineteen kopong-kopong commercial 🙂 Disregard the baby fat and awkward acting please. Haha 🙂
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  1. Thank you for sharing these with your readers. It really is nice to hear beauty tips from a “real” girl and not just a highly paid endorser 🙂

    I love your writing style too. So candid and funny. Totoong-totoo 🙂

  2. i love this post. this is actually what i wanna ask to you. I am follower of you. 🙂
    can i repost it to my blog? I redirect the link to this and give you the credit. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing Patty! Love your skin. Will try to do all the tips you’ve mentioned especially eating tomatoes. Hahaha. Not a fan of tomatoes too. 😀

  4. Haha, we have the same habit of saying “Nyeehh” to anyone who compliments us. :p I gotta learn to accept them graciously too!

    I joined, and sent my entry to your email. 🙂