My Pilates Home

The newly opened ONE LIFE STUDIO along Pasong Tamo (same building of Juju Eats!) has become my Pilates nest for the past 2 months. Save for a few interrupted sessions because of my trips to Australia and Japan, I’ve been trying my very best to attend regularly with my Pilates classmates: Marge, My Mom Leah and our new recruit Bing. We have other friends who also try to join us from time to time when their schedule permits it. 

I’m nowhere near hardcore—I’m still wobbly, shaky and I still grunt and moan like a weakling especially when the instructor lets us do our Pilates 100s. AYYYY! But I do see a LOT of improvement in my posture, my body awareness, and endurance. Since I work out in the morning, it gives me that good energy boost to go through the hectic work day. I’m always in a better mood, my head seems clearer after each session, and more than anything: I feel stronger. And it’s great to feel strong. Because STRONG is definitely better than SKINNY! Of course, if you practice regularly and properly (and eat healthy too!) it will definitely help you shed those stubborn pounds easily. But it’s also good to embrace your body type and just be the best and healthiest version of yourself. 

I love to eat (as evidenced in my IG posts!) so it’s important for me to exercise because dieting is obviously not an option anymore. I  admire people who are able to stick to a strict eating regimen and I wish I had the willpower to do the same, but I just know myself more and I know that I love food too much. So instead of just being irresponsible about it, I’m trying to still consume the same amount of food but incorporating more healthy alternatives (iChefFoods has been helping me too) and dedicating more time to Pilates. I must admit it’s not easy. My work is very irregular and unpredictable so it’s hard to just plot out a schedule for the month. (That’s what I envy the most with 9-5 people!) So it’s really a week-by-week approach for me and so there are weeks when I can only go once, there are weeks when I can go thrice. But for as long as I can, I immediately plug in Pilates in my calendar. It’s really my gift to myself, it’s the BEST form of ME time!:) 

I just want to say thank you to Tanya for being such a big encouragement to me. She’s the person responsible for planting the seed of fitness in my life. I used to be a lazy slug with a thousand excuses, always hiding behind the “I’m too busy” line..but she was very patient with me and really inspired me to adapt a new fitness regimen at age 30 (late last year!). Thank you also to our instructors in One Life Studio—to Chiara who sends us sweet reminders via text, to Chris who challenges us to do better in a healthy and gradual pace, to Shailoe who patiently instructs/corrects our moves, to Yanti who thoroughly explains each and every exercise routine. (I’m looking forward to working out with the other instructors too!)  Thanks so much to the ONE LIFE FAMILY for supporting me, my mom and my friends!

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