My Precious

I’ve always wanted a dainty and delicate engagement ring. Although I completely understand why a big shiny sparkler would be every girl’s dream ring..unlike most girls, I’ve never been a fine jewelry wearing type of girl. In fact, this is my very first piece of expensive jewelry. When Pat and I were starting our more serious discussions about our future life plans, I immediately told Alessa to make sure Pat would get me a ring that’s non-traditional and organic, something sweet and, ahem,ahem, ME??? Hahaha! Just like my own dad, Pat is very kuripot when it comes to himself–> he’ll bring last night’s leftovers as baon to work para makatipid, he NEVER shops for clothes, he’ll bring his ailing shoes to Mr. Quickie again and again even if they seem like they’ve long given up on him. But when it comes to me, he’s a spoiler and always wants to give me the best of what he can possibly offer. So with this in mind, I was worried that he would give me a big rock, the traditional bling-bling that every girl wants. I had to keep my fingers crossed and just trust that hopefully he will pick up my little not-so-subtle hints and would pick a ring that would actually fit my personality. Thankfully, Pat has a lot of “smart and sensible” female friends who know me they helped him come up with  the design for this custom made, delicate sapphire engagement ring (with 2 baby diamonds on each side). I’d like to say thank you to my friends Alessa, Amber, Dani, Cherrie, Cecil, Mic and more..yes apparently a whole village of women were on Pat’s email thread for this one little ring. It’s like A bayutipulsss!!!   
Since it was brown out when he proposed I couldn’t see the ring, syempre YES YES YES (sabay kangaroo jump) lang ako! After he proposed, I whispered into his ear “Love, is this a red stone on my ring?” and he just laughed at me “Babe! It’s blue! It’s a sapphire!”. When the lights came back on, it was only then that I fully enjoyed the beauty of my new finger friend! It has a rough gold matte finish and diamonds sitting pretty on the sidelines. I love it because it’s so unique! It actually reminds me of those medieval period rings..Game of Thrones was the peg???:) I’ve been sporting the ring on my index finger because it’s a bit too loose on my ring finger. I’ve never ever worn a real ring in my entire life so my friends and Pat had to make a wild guess. Apparently I have midget fingers!!! My hands are much smaller than the smallest adult size! I’m still thinking whether I should resize it since I’m actually enjoying the whole superhero with magic ring vibe. Here’s a little trivia, sapphires symbolize TRUTH, SINCERITY, and FAITHFULNESS..the most important elements needed to make a marriage work!:) Hopefully, this tiny fella brings those 3 things into our life as mister and misis!
Alessa wrote a really hilarious post about our rings and if you want some useful love advice as well, read her blog entry here Check, check, check it OWWWWT!!! 

18 Responses to My Precious

  1. Love love loooooove the ring!!! Great job once again, Pat! Kudos to all the women who also helped him pick it out! Ang gandaaa! 😀

  2. unique ring indeed! :))
    nung nipost mo ung title as “MY PRECIOUS”,
    I was imagining you sounding like Gollum saying it hahaha :))
    Congrats ulet! 🙂

  3. I am soooo happy when I read about your engagement1 I hope I can find my own PATRICK. Since my name starts with an S will I look for a guy na may name na nagsisimula din sa S? God bless you both!

    -yoursuperfangirl HAHAHA

  4. Of course naalala ko ang midget fingers mo! hahahhaha Congratulations again and I agree, the ring fits your personality, simple, not the bling bling kind but very honest, straightforward and has a huge heart 🙂

    So happy for you ! Great job to the girlfriends and Pat of course 🙂

  5. Hi Patty! Nice! It makes the ring more special cos it’s the only one of its kind in the universe! Or atleast kung may gumaya, ikaw ang original!

    Question lang, may mapaglagyan ka pa ba ng happiness? Dahil sa sobrang dami mong blessings (love and life) parang sasabog ka na sa happiness. 🙂

  6. Congrats Patty & Patrick! I don’t know you personally but been seeing you on events I’ve worked on, and of course, here. 🙂 You’re a beautiful, sincere girl and you deserve the best. Kilig ako sainyo ni Pat! 🙂

  7. Nice 🙂 It’s very you. I am sssooo inggit i don’t have an engagement ring. 🙁 hehe! ok lang yun 🙂 he’s less sweet but extra extra extra NICE! congrats again patty and patrick 🙂

  8. Awww! When I saw the sapphire, the first thing that came to my mind was… the shared engagement ring of the late Princess Diana and Kate Middleton (a.k.a. The Duchess of Cambridge)!!!

    Ikaw na Idol Patty ang sumusunod sa yapak ng mga royals! Hehe. Congrats again to you and Patrick! 😀

  9. Cool engagement ring you’ve got there. 🙂 If you are to ask me, by all traditions of course resize hehehe! But it really is WAYYYY TO COOOOOOLLLLL to have it on the index finger as well. WAY TO COOL 🙂 Godbless on your engagement and wedding soon 🙂

  10. Congrats. My fate is same as yours. After surviving a painful heartbreak comes the knight in shining armor. Looks ordinary outside but full of love and surprises inside. 😀

  11. You can go to True Value, on the check out area they have so much anik-aniks. They sell this thing called “ring snuggies” which is a little rubber thing you put on your ring to make it tighter. So you’ll be able to wear your ring on your pointer / ring finger whenever you want. Congratulations.