My Summer Favorites from CommonThread

I have a few summer getaways lined up for the coming weeks so I decided to stock up on my travel essentials for the season. I dropped by CommonThread in Greenbelt 5 and here’s my summer stash. I promised myself I’d only get 5 pieces, but I couldn’t resist and ended up with 8! There’s always something that gets me giddy in that store. Hihihihi!!!:) 
1. CT Canvas Tote Bag with Leather Straps
    Lightweight and roomy, you could fill this baby up with all your beach essentials. 
2. CT Beaded Necklaces in Aqua and Lilac
    Wear them separately or together over a plain tank, a tube dress, or even with a button down polo and it’ll make you feel dressy but still within the beach vibe theme. I call them summer pearls! hehehe!    
3. Leyende’s Beach Bomb Cologne 
    This works for both men and women, so buy a bottle and share it with your dude. It’s fresh and crisp, perfect for those cold summer nights.
4. Hoola Sunnies
     I love, love, love these shades!!!!! They just bring summer to your face in an instant!
5. Lagu Beach Blanket
     This is a smart beach blanket because it’s sand resistant. I took a Lagu with me to the Gold Coast last October and it was the best thing ever!
6. Havaianas in Lime and Gold
     I got two pairs this time, one for those days when I’m feeling bright and cheery (Lime) and another when I want to wear something neutral and basic (Gold/Tan). 
7. Komono Watch
    This watch says Hula Girl all over!!! It comes with a pretty gold face too and spells Island Girl Chic!
8. Luxe Miami
     So I’ve never been to Miami and I don’t think I’ll be going anytime soon—but who cares. Daydreaming won’t cost a thing right? I might as well review all the hotspots with this Luxe manual!

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