My Top 10 Favorite Museums in the World

I love, love, love museums!!! What’s there NOT to love about museums. Some folks find museums quite intimidating…often times people make the mistake of thinking that’s it’s only for the rich, the educated, the elite, the snooty sophisticates. But I’d like to believe that museums are there to SERVE US, the common folk. Instead of housing these fine pieces of art in some Lord-Duke-Count of Monte Cristo’s exclusive estate…these pieces of art now belong to YOU and ME! Yahoooo! It’s a free for all experience. It’s for us to enjoy, no matter what age range, social demographic, or racial background you may belong to. If you are worried that museums will only bore you, I advise a change in perspective. If you could spend hours malling, checking out window displays and random’ll discover that museum-ing is a much more entertaining and visually stimulating experience!:) It’s like window shopping to the maximum level. Only this time, the items on display don’t have any price tags as most of them are one-of-a kind pieces, priceless treasures that we will never—ever–in our wildest dreams—get to own! It’s the ultimate “Look but Don’t Touch” experience…that pretty girl in your office, who’s married and with kids. Ouch. Hahaha. There are so many beautiful museums and art galleries in the country, but if you need something to give you that good jumpstart..I say you begin at the Ayala Museum. I’ve been there a couple of times and it never fails to amuse me 🙂

I’ve come up with a list of my TOP 10 FAVORITE MUSEUMS IN THE WORLD and I wanted to share it with you all today, in hopes that you too will soon develop that love for museums. 🙂

1. MOMA, New York

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As the name suggests, it is the official address for the finest, most influential pieces of modern art. All the best artworks of the 20th and 21st century can be found here, in the heart of New York! If you’re into graphic and interior design, advertising, cartoons and comics..this is your playground!


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This museum was recently a victim of heavy looting and vandalism. Protests and riots shook the city of Cairo and one of the most painful tragedies was the wreckage in the Egyptian Museum. The museum is now heavily secured and is slowly being restored. It was so heartbreaking to watch the video footage on BBC/CNN! Hayyyy!!!:( As a big history junkie, stepping into this museum was like traveling back in time…thousands and thousands of years before Christ! Isipin mo, Amoeba/Paramecium palang tayo nung ginawa ng mga Egyptians yung pyramids. They’re so hardcore and this museum is the hardest of the hardcore! 

3. THE LOUVRE, Paris
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The most famous museum in the world!!! This museum is a frickin’ city, it’s massive! It could take you days and even weeks to go through each and every masterpiece. I honestly feel that this is the only museum in the world that deserves a “THE”.”THE Louvre” parang “The Ateneo” or “DA Patty”, alam mo naman..magkaka-level lang kami! Hahaha!:) Your Parisian holiday won’t be complete without a trip to the Louvre. I think visiting the Louvre actually rivals visiting the Eiffel. Seriously.
4. STEDILIJK, Amsterdam
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This museum made me dizzy, in a good and fun way. Take some Bonamine before entering because the images in this museum will blow your mind!!! I was there for the Andy Warhol exhibit a couple of years ago and it was perhaps the trippiest, funkiest, and most psychedelic experience of my life!
5. THE MET, New York
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Gossip Girl fans will certainly remember the famed Met steps of B&S. This world-class and world-famous museum is America’s saving grace. If Americans are constantly mocked for their lack of class and culture…well,well,well…Meet THE MET!


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Even non-Catholics will find this museum very interesting. They have the most lavish Italian art pieces!

7. VAN GOGH MUSEUM, Amsterdam

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I’m a big Van Gogh fan. I guess it’s because Van Gogh’s my dad’s favorite we’ve been exposed to his work as children. When I read the letters that he and his brother Theo sent to each other, it made me an even bigger fan. He had such a dark and tragic life, and ultimately he felt like such a failure! Hello, the dude chopped off his ear!!! Poor guy had major issues! It was his brother’s love and support that sustained him all through his life. It’s a such a shame that he didn’t live long enough to enjoy the success of his work.


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If we could have an Ancient Museum Face Off,  I would definitely pit the Acropolis against the Egyptian Museum. They’re both museum greats when it comes to old artifacts. It would be hard to tell which museum would kick the other’s butt. I guess technically the Egyptians would win (Next to the Sumerians, the Egyptians are the shiznits of Ancient Civilization)..but if you see the newly remodeled building of this Greek museum…wooooow!!! The building alone is a sight to behold in itself! 


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Although they’ve received lots of flak and criticism for housing pieces that were “stolen” from their countries of origin, you still have to give them recognition for preserving these artifacts carefully. They have the most comprehensive collection of human history!


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A personal favorite. Though the Museo Nacional del Prado is not as pompous and grand as the rest on this list…I heart Prado still. Cute siya. Hehehe 🙂 The Prado is the residence of the Spanish greats like Goya, Velasquez, El Greco and Dali. They’re not as glamorous as their Italian counterparts, but they have lots of grit and humor which I love.

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9 Responses to My Top 10 Favorite Museums in the World

  1. Museums are fun! And, I agree with what you think about Spanish painters. I wish I could visit all museums that you’ve mentioned.



  2. Aahhh Patty! This must be my MOST FAVORITE blog post of yours! I also love history and museums, and I hope someday, I can also visit the places you’ve been to! Keep sharing your travels with us! 🙂

  3. I’m sad the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam didn’t make it to your list 🙁 I was more impressed with that museum than the Van Gogh. And suprisingly, I was never a Rembrandt fan as I was a Van Gogh fan.

    -Pam Romualdez

  4. i used to work at moma when i was in college and im happy to see its one of your fav museum. how about guggenheim? i love reading your blog. its very inspiring.