My Travel Survival Kit

The Lord has been showering me with so many blessings lately! I’ve been fortunate enough to be traveling from one country to another for work these past few in the middle of my packing I suddenly remembered all my friends who have been asking for a more detailed packing guide. It’s good to know that something as simple and basic as a “travel kit” could actually be so helpful and make a world of difference. When you travel, you have to remember that you’re bringing a piece of home with you on the road. Some tend to take this to an extreme and carry big jars of lotion and liters of shampoo. Guys, the operative word is “piece” not your whole frickin’ home!!! To avoid spending for excess luggage, be conservative with your toiletries and other accessories. Sometimes it also takes some trial and error to find the products that work best for you..whether it’s finding the perfect blush or even the best mouthwash J Since toiletries are different for each and every person, I decided to come up with a list of products that go beyond the shower. These little items will work wonders for travelers who will be shuttling from one plane to another, traveling to far and distant lands via bus, a tuk-tuk or even a camel. So here are my ultimate travel essentials, dear friends!
1. Dry Shampoo—Wonder why all the Hollywood celebrities manage to keep their hair looking vavavoom even after a long flight? It’s all because of this little product! As the name suggests, it’s shampoo in spray/aerosol form so all you do is spray it all over your roots and hair..brush and VOILA! All the germs and excess oil are gone!
2. Comb and Ponytail-– Need I elaborate? Hahaha, this seems self-explanatory. Boys and girls, it’s always important to keep your hair tidy at all times! Sorry I was never a fan of the messy- I was out all night partying so wala na akong oras maligo-look. Dude, that’s baloney and you know it. There’s ALWAYS, always time to shower..and always time to brush your teeth and your hair!
3. Cleansing Wipes—These moisturizing wipes are great for freshening up your face, great to just perk yourself up during the flight. You can opt for make-up removing wipes made for taking out stubborn waterproof makeup or the simple baby wipes will do since they’re made for the softest, most sensitive butts in the world. Kung pwede na sa pwet ng newborn baby, pwedeng pwede na sa mukha mo!
4. Body Lotion and Facial Moisturizer— It gets really dry up in the air and since I have extremely sensitive skin, my skin chaps and cracks so easily. It’s always important to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize while on the plane especially when you are stuck in a long flight.
5. Convertible Color– Just to give you that natural looking pink flush, go for a product that works as a blush and lip stain in one. You can opt for something water-based if you have oily skin and a creamy textured product if you have dry and combination type of skin. 
6. No Rinse Body Wash– A new favorite! I’ve traveled for 28 hours straight without showering and trust me it’s the worst feeling ever! This No Rinse Body Wash is the best solution. You can lather it over your body (no need for water) and simply tissue off after!
7. Toilet Seat Spray– I’d die without this. I hate public restrooms. And I hate airplane toilets even more. Just the thought of having a hundred people sharing the same small cubicle just gives me the heebeegeebees! So it’s crucial that I clean the toilet seat and sanitize the whole toilet before use. I also try to pack toilet seat covers with me, just to make sure!
8. Hand Sanitizer – Have you seen Contagion? Nuff said. Hahaha. Germs fly from one surface to another so it’s important to always wash your hands but if you’re traveling and don’t have access to soap, then a small hand sanitizer is your safest best.
9. Pocket Tissue—Having your own little supply is better than trying to steal some from the fast food joint down the street. If you have a cold, best to bring a bigger pack too!
10. Clothes Freshener—I found this in a local camping supplies store. If your clothes start to stink while in transit, piling on the perfumes will only aggravate the smell. “Baho+Mabango” doesn’t always mean “Mabango Ulit” some instances, mixing something stinky with something sweet smelling only translates to sweet smelling stinky. Hahaha. This clothes freshener spray is odor free and completely eliminates the bad/foul odors that may have lingered in your clothes.
12. Perfume—After your clothes freshener spray, you can now spray on the perfume! I like sweet fruity notes and also crisp, clean green tea fragrances!
13. Cleansing Makeup Water–  Just like the No Rinse Body Wash, this is a no rinse facial wash! You
heard me, no need for water. All you have to do is lather it on your face and tissue off..and there your face
is clean and ready to go!
14.  Lip Balm—Keep those lips soft and kissable! Chapping is a nightmare and can lead to little wounds and unsightly scratches on your lips, not good for those close up shots! So balm those smackers!
15. Mouthwash— I always like the feeling of having fresh’s an instant mojo booster! You never know who you’ll bump don’t want to turn off a potential client or an acquaintance with your stinky breath! Not cool, kids, not cool at all. Especially for my line of work, where I’m required to talk all day (for hosting and teaching) it’s important to have a sweet smile and fresh breath! I love the alcohol-free SWISH mouthwash with Sure Fresh technology. It’s easy to gargle and tastes really good. Plus you don’t need to add water which means it’s ready to use and perfect to pack for a trip. Mumog here, mumog there!:) No time wasted! Ang sarap ng mangosteen flavored Swish! It’s my favorite 🙂 I always make sure I pack the travel sized Swish. 
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22 Responses to My Travel Survival Kit

  1. You can transfer 70% alcohol in a spray bottle and it can serve as hand sanitizer and toilet spray as well. Saves a little space and cheaper. They use the same active ingredient anyway, you are sure of the effective concentration of disinfectant pa. 🙂 This is a very helpful post. I never knew “no rinse” variants of cleansers existed.

  2. Hi, I just wanted to ask where I can get the no rinse body wash, dry shampoo ,cleansing makeup water? 🙂

  3. Oh the wonderful things I discover through your blog. haha. 🙂

    Can you share where we can get all the no rinse items (tamad mag rinse!) like the dry shampoo and no rinse body wash.

  4. Thank you for this informative post. You mentioned that you have been on long flights like 28 hrs. Is it even worth putting on makeup when stuck in airplane for that long or more than 8 hrs?

  5. The 28 hours included layovers of course , hehe 🙂 I normally dont put on makeup when Im in the to keep makeup free 🙂 But when you land and you’re meeting someone, you can always just add a pinch of blush or lipstain 🙂

    The dry shampoo/makeup cleansing water can be found in sephora/boots. The no rinse body wash is available at watsons 🙂

  6. i can totally relate to everything, being the hygiene freak that i am…except for number two, cos i always don that buhaghag look so well(pang turn-off sa mga asungot na guys) haha. pero kapag feel ko, extra effort talaga sa crowning glory 🙂

  7. very informative!I will check out the no rinse items soon. these are very useful specially for travelers who are on the go. 🙂

  8. miss Patty you’re such a great soul. . . i always love. . .love. . .love to read your blog. . . I am now your blog sucker. . .hehehe GBu

  9. Same question here..where can you buy the clothes freshener? I’ve tried Travel Club and North Face but they don’t have it. 🙁

  10. My niece has that same Paganini mirror. 🙂

    Very informative post, Patty. I will definitely keep your list in mind when I travel soon.

  11. Hi Patty! this is my first time here, followed your link via Nuffnang Blogger of the Month.

    this is a very informative post. ang galing ng no-rinse cleansers, ngayon ko lang nalaman ng meron palang ganun.

    i loved reading your blog. 🙂

  12. Thank you for sharing these useful tips, Patty!

    I’m tad curious though… are all these stuff allowed in the hand carry? I was told not to bring any liquids in my hand carry because they’ll get confiscated. Is that true?

  13. Hi ms Patty I’m a fan of yours =) I am lucky to have read this blog before embarking on a 7-hour flight to Africa (from UK)and a 3-day safari trip to Kenya. Travel essentials helped me stayed fresh the whole time! My dreaded long hours flight now gone. I found this very useful and will be packing same stuff for future travels.