My Ultimate 40 Something Pegs

I love being in my thirties!! It’s such an exciting season for a woman. Although I don’t mind AT ALL when people quiz me about my age and gasp when I reveal how old I really am. It’s a huge compliment to receive (to which I always blush profusely). Of course it’s nice to be recognized for “looking young” but aging has always been something I looked forward to. Many thanks to the example my mom was graceful enough to show me and my sister. She always has this radiant countenance about her that seems to beam brighter year after year!

I was browsing for pegs for my upcoming trip and I realized that most of my current icons are way older than me. Am I that excited to grow old??! Hehehe! I know I still have a decade away but when I hit my 40s I want to look as fresh, warm, and current as these icons who are in their 40s. They just look so confident, intelligent, and oh-so-womanly! I can’t take my eyes of them!:)

Aerin Lauder,44
 Queen Rania of Jordan, 43
Jenna Lyons, 45

3 Responses to My Ultimate 40 Something Pegs

  1. One of the persons I admired is Crown Princess Mary of Denmark who is 42! I’m in my 30s too and I hope and pray that I would be as dynamic and as accomplished as the people you’ve mentioned and with the people I admired too.