My Vintage Kitchen Bridal Shower

Yesterday I had my second bridal shower, this time c/o the siblings and best friends of Patrick. I’ve grown to love these sweet ladies from Pat’s side. I’m so glad I was able to develop genuine friendships  in the past two years. In fact, I think they’re closer to me now than they are with Patrick! Hahaha! I snatched them away from him. 🙂 I have to extend my deepest thanks to Patrick’s “sisters” Cecil and Dani, my two dear girlfriends who planned every little detail–from the aprons, to the recipes, to the giveaways, to the food! And take note, these two girls were VERY much pregnant while they were planning this for me. And thanks also to Tita Lorna, our painfully thoughtful Ninang, who was such a gracious host for the evening. I’m a happy recipient of your kindness!

I absolutely loved my Pots and Pans cake by Coco Cakes! Thank you Michelle for preparing all the cupcakes and cake pops too 🙂 Inspired by MY inner Nigella Lawson DAW ang cake. Kailangan ko daw mag-blowdry at pakulot just to scramble an egg in my most seductive British goddess way. Hahaha! Michelle is an octopus working on several projects simultaneously so I’m really touched that she squeezed this in just for me 🙂

I loved all the pretty girly details!!! Cecil and Dani know my taste so well!I’m so happy they made the effort to decorate Tita’s condo just to make me feel extra special. Thanks also to Sam and Denise who  came extra early just to help set up all the decors and props! These Tabuena girls are so creative! 🙂 
And yes, Cecil just gave birth a few weeks ago—and she looks like THIS. Sadly, hindi nabibili ang mommy glow. @#$%&* And she had a completely natural delivery–with no medication! SUPERWOMAN! Don’t you just hate her for bouncing back so quickly?!!? She’s my IDOL!:)

The sisters-in-law tandem of Marge and Anne organized a series of fun kitchen themed games! It was so nice to see everyone so game and willing–no KJs in the group 🙂 Aside from my friends, I’m so glad my cousin Astrid joined us! She’s technically my ONLY Laurel family member here in Manila. All our cousins are scattered across Europe and US. 

With my BFF/Mom Leah, my soon to be mom-in-law Rina, and our Ninang Lorna who organized this whole shower for me.

And the big HIGHLIGHT!!! Bulaga!! It’s my fiance! I had to play a video guessing game with Patrick. Basically they asked Patrick 15 questions and I had to guess his answers. The goal was to match our answers to see how well we know each other–it was actually quite stressful!Haha! But guess what I got 12 out of 15! Not bad!:) I only had to stuff my mouth with 3 marshmallows (one for each wrong answer). They asked him who my celebrity crush was and he answered SNOOP DOGG. ANOOO BAAAA TSONG. I love Snoop Dogg and I think he’s the coolest, but come on?!?!
Our “work in progress” kitchen is now fully stocked thanks to my thoughtful girlfriends. PLUS, they each wrote down their favorite recipe and placed it in a special box. How sweet!:) Now I really have to learn how to cook, no more excuses!:) Wala bang skyflakes and cheese pimiento spread recipe dyan? How about cup noodles? Awwwww maaaaaannnnn!!!!
I’m all set!I’ve got the tools—now all I need are the SKILLZZZ! Good luck to ME! Lord, please help me feed my MAN!!! I hope we don’t starve to death on our first year. Haha 🙂 “Newlyweds found dead in their apartment. Cause of death: GUTOMITITIS”
With Patrick’s childhood besties Lea, Dee, and Bernice. The girls who have put up with the “Bubble Boy” for two decades! I don’t know how you managed. Just thinking about those bubbles—eeekkk–cringe. Mwahahaha 🙂 I used to look up to these girls when I was a bubwit in gradeschool–look at me now! Hanging out with the higher batch kids naaaaaa! *pops collar* Oh yeah 🙂
Who needs a stripper when you have a hot fiance with six pack abs and a red speedo?!? Thank you Sam and Dani for these sexaaaayyyy aprons! Pat’s “package” actually had a package. It was really stuffed. So funny! Hanky Panky in the kitchen?! Hahaha!:) 
Group photo! We’re missing Michelle, Tintin and Astrid here! 
To all my dear friends who celebrated with me last night, THANK YOU!!! Thanks for your thoughtful gifts and sweet messages. I’m thinking of moving our wedding date to next year because I’m enjoying this bride phase too much! I am spoiled with so much love and affection 🙂 I think I have reached my “THANK YOU” quota because everyone around us have been so generous to us! Thank you Lord for surrounding me with this truly amazing group of women. Napasaya niyo ako ng sobra-sobra. Maraming Salamat sa inyong pagmamahal!!!:)

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  1. Patty! Malapit na! 🙂 Are you excited? 🙂
    Anyway, I also had cooking woes. Good thing, Pong cooks! Also, thank God for the rice cooker & marinated stuff that you can just toss into a pan, pretend to do some cooking motions, and watch the meat get cooked. Haha.