My Wedding Life Saver

Marge with her trusty clipboard and her sidekick hubby, RG.
While planning my wedding, I vowed to share every tidbit of information I possibly could in hopes that I could be able to help the brides and grooms out there. Sa dami naming natanggap na tulong, it was only natural for us to do the same for others. Nakakahawa ang kabaitan ng mga kaibigan namin!:)
Before getting engaged, I thought planning a wedding would be a piece of cake. After all it was just a one day affair, what could be so difficult about that?? But there are a lot of factors to consider and even if you want to make it just about you and your spouse—you still have to be considerate of your family, friends, and guests and so if you’re not careful, it can become a total nightmare to plan. 
So today, I am sharing my SECRET WEAPON to all the couples out there—Marge Montemayor! It took me a while to post this entry. No offense to my husband, but working on this entry about Marge was harder than writing my vows! Hahaha 🙂 
“So you have two copies of your CENOMAR right?” Marge asked to which Patrick and I (the wedding slackers) answered “CENO-WHAT? Ano yun?”. Marge answered with a sigh “Hay ‘tong dalawang alaga ko, anong gagawin ko sa inyo!? Certificate of No Marriage…CE-NO-MAR!” and to stress out Marge further, Pat goes “CE-NO-MAR..parang SAY NO MORE, we’ve got this!”. This is why we decided to call Marge, our dear friend and wedding magician lifesaver hulog ka ng langit coordinator CENOMARGE. Hahaha!
Like I mentioned before, Marge (along with hubby RG) is one of Patrick’s bestestestest friends in the whole wide world. So it didn’t really come as a surprise when Marge took on the role of “wedding coordinator” because she’s practically family to us. Before Marge came into the picture, Patrick and I were pabunging-bunging (is that how it’s spelled?!haha) with so many scattered pegs and no direction. Basta gusto lang namin magpakasal–yun na yun! We were just so ATAT to get hitched, we didn’t care much about the details. It was Marge who whipped us both into “wedding” shape. 
Marge is a listener, encourager and an executor: three things you’ll definitely need in a wedding coordinator. (Haha, I was going to use executioner para nakakatakot!Dun-dun-dun!) 1)Listener: You need someone who will listen to you and your groom, a coordinator who will understand where you’re coming from (your budget, your preferences, your family backgrounds, your religious beliefs) and will try to meet you at that place. Some coordinators tend to impose their own tastes on their clients–making the wedding about THEM instead of the couple. 2) Encourager: Marge and RG tied the knot just a few years ago so she still remembers how it feels to be a bride, which made it so easy for her to relate to me. She felt giddy when I was excited, she felt worried when I was stressed. Aside from helping me logistically, she helped me emotionally and saved me from becoming a Bridezilla. 3)Executor: It’s one thing to have a whole list of ideas, tons of pegboards on Pinterest, and a scrapbook of concepts—-it’s a completely different thing to actually see these ideas come to life! Kahit sumakit na ang ulo ni Marge sa sobrang kuripot namin, she managed to still make it work! The morning of our wedding, when they were setting up the ghost chairs in the garden, I just felt this immense kilig in my heart. I had a little cry fest with Marge and thanked her for making all my wedding dreams come true! 
Our wedding had the unavoidable hiccups and it wasn’t 100% stress free, but to me, it was PERFECT because it had our names written all over it—it was a wedding that was unmistakably ours and that for me was a big achievement. A whole army of people at our wedding (suppliers, friends and families) have been prodding Marge to finally offer her services to the public—and thanks to our pangungulits, she said YES! So I am highly recommending Marge to all the brides-to-be out there. I am vouching for her not only as a friend who has been a witness to her grace and character, but also as a happy and satisfied customer. She now offers full coordination and on-the-day coordination packages for weddings, debuts, anniversaries, kiddie parties so just send her an email with your contact details at or tweet her at @margemontemayor. 

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  1. Hi Patty, Can I ask where you had your fans printed? We already have a design with the wedding program and all, it’s very simple though.. We just don’t know where to have them printed. Printsonalities is too pricey for us. haha.

  2. Hi Ms. Patty, I like the simplicity yet beautiful arrangement of your wedding. I love it. Ms. Patty just want to ask your help or suggestion on how can I find a officiating officer to make our wedding ceremony. Planning a garden wedding also. My email is Hope to hear from you.Thank you very much po.