My Weekend Finds

Went shopping with the old man today at Ace Hardware (the tatay place to be) and snagged a lot of goodies. Check out my matchy-matchy cleaning tools! Simply disregard the darn red fire extinguisher that ruined the whole sleek in gray vibe I was gunning for! GRRR. Whoever chose RED as the official fire extinguisher color was obviously a “colorist”! How could you discriminate against other colors?!! Gray happens to be the color of smoke–which goes hand in hand with fire! I don’t care if it’s for safety reasons, I want a gray fire extinguisher!!! In other news, ANG GANDA NG WALIS KO NOH?!?!Sosyal!!!

5 Responses to My Weekend Finds

  1. You’re in the “Pong” phase. He wanted our house to be orange & blue and he was insisting on orange kitchenware but eventually, we gave up. We also have neon green stuff. So much for the orange frenzy.

  2. Hi Patty! You are si funny! How are you going to see the black fire extinguisher in the dark?
    ^_______^ I so love the broom,and the model…