My Weekend in Davao with the Parentals

Happy Saturday folks! I hope you’ve been enjoying all my blog posts on local travel as much as I’ve enjoyed putting them together for you. Like I mentioned a few posts back, one of my goals for 2014 is to firmly promote local tourism this year. I do enjoy traveling around the world (more than anything!) but I do believe in the beauty of our own country. I do hope my little blog posts will encourage you to book a flight (promo fare para tipid!hehehe) and discover a new destination in our very own Philippines. It’s only the first quarter of 2014 and I’ve been happily hopping from Batangas, Baguio, Bacolod, Baler, Surigao, Bohol, and most recently…my second hometown, DAVAO!!!!

In my 30 years of existence, I’ve probably flown to Davao a minimum of 30-40-50 times. I’ve lost count. We try our very best to visit my grandma and my relatives at least twice a year 🙂 And if we add up the times I’ve had to do quick trips for work, then you could say I’ve been to DAVAO A LOT! Hahaha! But since our family is from Mati, we’ve spent about 95% in Davao Oriental and only about 5% in Davao City. So when the Park Inn by Radisson Davao invited me for a weekend in the city, I was so excited to say YES! The Park Inn team headed by General Manager Mr. Arun Arora and Meg Sta. Ines, prepared a full Davao IT for me and my parents. And we also brought our Davao based family too for more bonding time in the city!:)
The Park Inn by Radisson turns ONE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! This sprawling property is located just a stone’s throw away from SM Lanang Premier. It’s literally right across. This makes it the perfect spot for tourists/bakasyonistas who would like to take advantage of the BIG DAVAO FUN SALE. You can shop, eat, then go back to your room to sleep, then shop again. Hahaha! The Big Davao Fun Sale is a Davao wide sale that is currently running and ends on April 16.  You still have  a month so book now.
One of the best things about the Park Inn is it’s affordability. The price range for their rooms are very attractive–and for the quality of rooms you’ll be getting, it’s pretty hard to beat. The rooms are spacious with a Modern Scandinavian feel with pops of colors here and there. The rooms are spic and span without a flurry of alikabok in sight. And the bathroom is oh so clean! (Plus points!!!). For Davao locals, I would highly recommend this hotel for a nice getaway with the family (the have a really nice pool!) or to celebrate a special occasion with your sweetheart!
Since Patrick was in Singapore for work, I had the room all to myself…
and this hot Eagle! Hehehe!
We arrived Davao on a Saturday morning, drove straight to Mati from the airport (about 2.5 hours away) then had lunch with my family then drove back to the city again (another 2.5 hours) and then checked in at the Park Inn just before dinner time. It was a tiring but very meaningful day because we got to spend time with my Lola and our cousins, titos and titas. Meg and the RBG staff were so kind to prepare our dinner ahead of time—we had a lovely spread waiting for us as soon as we arrived! Thank God for their consideration and thoughtfulness. They served us locally inspired dishes with their own RBG twist like Mangosteen Sinigang, Mangosteen Cheesecake, and Queso de Bola Ice Cream! Lami kaayo! If you scroll to the end of this post for their anniversary special!
When in Davao, it’s impossible NOT to eat. In fact, I always make sure I pack my “stretchy” clothes for my Davao trips because of all the kinilaw, lechon, seafoods, kaldereta they stuff me with. (My Tito Al makes the BEST kinilaw in the world, FYI!). Meg Sta. Ines planned a whole eating itinerary for me and my family (you just know me so well, Meg!). Our first stop was Blue Post’s Boiling Crab and Shrimp joint just 3 minutes away from the hotel. You can actually walk it from SM Lanang. 
This is a MUST! My dad was in heaven!!! We are such a crab and shrimp loving family. This experience reminded me of our Crab Pot feast in Seattle. You can opt to use utensils or plastic gloves, but we got down and dirty and used our bare hands. Kamayan style is still the best! I love that the restaurant is very clean, no fishy smells in this joint. And they have a very nice washing station to help you clean up with ease. I’m definitely heading back with Patrick! Sobrang sarap talaga!!! Thank you again Mr. Anthony Ang for hosting us!
After mall-ratting in SM Lanang (I was trying to take advantage of the mall wide SALE!), I took a long nap. The bed was so soft and inviting, I just had to snooze. When I woke up from my nap, I got ready for another eating activity! Man, pinataba lang ata kami ni Meg. All we did was eat and sleep for the weekend 🙂 Meg escorted us to the Davao Gourmet Collective organized by Carmina del Rosario. It was nice to see Davao’s best food suppliers coming together under one roof (tent!). I enjoyed the Crocodile Ice Cream (yessss! made with real croc eggs!!!), Cacao de Davao chocolates with cacao nibs brittle, Bagnet, and the Thai food from Bangkok Wok. 
All the clothes in this blog post are by AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS. I’ve been traveling with all their summer essentials in most of my trips out of town. This neon peach dress is my personal favorite. 🙂 🙂

BUT my favorite booth of them all—the MALAGOS FARMHOUSE Booth by Mrs. Olive Puentespina. Olive was such a gracious host, she gave us a personal cheese tutorial which we all thoroughly enjoyed. I am a big chocolate and cheese addict—two products that happen to be Olive’s expertise. I went gaga over their dark chocolates (it has this roasted taste that really sets it apart). Their cheese variants definitely live up to all the hype. No wonder they are known worldwide, their cheese flavors are exquisite and made from scratch in Davao! Something worth celebrating indeed. Thanks again Olive for treating our tastebuds and for the take home cheese bag too. The next time I visit Davao, I will make it a point to visit her farm!!! 

How I wish I had more time to explore Davao City! Thank you again to the Park Inn by Radisson team for making our brief getaway very memorable and enjoyable! Oh and here’s the special promo I was talking about earlier. Calling all of my Davao friends, this is a very good deal worth availing 🙂
Book a room here 🙂

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  1. urgh! i was too late to read your blog. kainis naman, it is a chance na sana to see you in person. i am such a fan. but im glad that you enjoyed your stay here in davao. 🙂

    – Norl