Naci Comfort Food

New Happy Resto Discovery Alert!!!!:) After 2 failed attempts (due to schedule conflicts and bad weather), we finally locked down a dinner date with the sweet (and very, very, very pretty!!!) Nadine and Natasha, co-owners of NACI COMFORT FOOD. We decided to bring my in laws and make it a fun midweek date. 
I asked the girls if NACI was a name derived from their names which coincidentally both start with “NA” and they just giggled and explained that the word NACI actually meant RICE. Oo nga naman! RICE! When I browsed their menu (which is super high tech by the way, it comes in a tablet device!) it all made perfect sense. To have a varied menu built on the concept of RICE was an excellent idea! We all love RICE, I love RICE and almost 99.9% of Pinoys love RICE. 

Their best sellers are mostly rice dishes: Peruvian Chicken Rice (this one you have to order!!! It’s a very filling dish that sort of marries a risotto and a paella), Shrimp Jambalaya Rice, Hainanese Chicken Rice Bowl (my dad in law had this and he was very happy with his order!), and the Yakimeshi Beef Rice Bowl. But don’t worry, they also have non-rice dishes like pastas, light sandwiches and thin crust pizzas if you’re looking for other types of happy carbs. Their servings are quite generous, good for sharing 🙂 Much credit goes to the late and great Chef Ed Quimson for developing such a colorful repertoire of dishes. 

My mom in law had the Slow Roast Pork Belly drizzled with BBQ sauce, Patrick had Nate’s Steal and Eggs topped with Onion Rings, and we all tried the Veggie Mushroom Burger (which was surprisingly tasty!). 
And great news for the health conscious peeps out there! They offer LITE sandwiches and COHEN meals too. I personally am not under the COHEN program (or any specialized diet for that matter) but it’s great to know that they provide healthy alternatives for those who want to consume less salt, less carbs, less sugar or control their portions. Natasha mentioned that they built this part of the menu especially for those with health concerns who would still like to enjoy dining out (and not have to worry about bringing a tupperware with their baon!) with friends and family. It’s a win-win for all, everyone-happy-kind-of-restaurant. Comfort food for those who can afford to indulge in the extra calories, Kiddie meals for the young tots and Healthy food for those looking to make lifestyle changes. 
Oh and the DESSERTS at Naci stand alone on their own! You could definitely drop by even just for their desserts. Their famous Pistachio Sansrival is a sure hit but my golly, you have got to try their Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie with Ice Cream. I wanted to cry. Sobrang sarap, sarap, sarap!!!! Crunchy, Crispy, Crusty Chocolate Chip with an ooey gooey center oozing with chocolates and pecan nuts! Ayyyy, grabe! Babalikan ko ‘to. 🙂 
Again, our deepest thanks to Nadine, Natasha and the rest of the NACI staff for having us for dinner. Thanks also to the super enthusiastic waiters who made it a fun dining experience 🙂 🙂 
Unit 3, Two Parkade, 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City

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  1. Thanks again for coming, Patty!! It was a pleasure meeting your very sweet & funny family! Hope you all enjoyed as much as we did! Hope to see you guys again! 🙂

    -Nadine & Natasha