Nara Turns One

Okay, Nara. So you’re one. ONE!!!!!! A digit. You’re only higher than a zero. ONE!!! And yet, you have managed to pull off such a cool-cool-cool party without even trying. You just literally flashed your toothy grin and received the seal of approval from the Commission of International Coolness-Cabuyao Chapter (hahaha). You’re already cooler than me and the rest of your titas in Baby Barangay combined! And believe me honey, we were once (ahem, ahem) quite cool. Well at least back in nineteen kopong-kopong. (I see Theo shaking his head in disagreement. “Mom, please stop embarrassing yourself.” ) Seriously, this was possibly the most chill party I’ve been to in the past 3 years. And hello, it was a KIDDIE PARTY!?!?!

So why was it so cool? Because 1) first of all HELLO BURGERS! Those Sweet X burger sliders and grilled cheese sandwiches.. OMG. I’m looking at our poor old ulam now and feeling sorry for myself. (Pushes plate away..I’m better than this!!!) 2) The DRINKS! I loved the iced coffee from Magnum Opus and the ginger ale from Stanford & Shaw Brewing. 3) The SWEETS! The cutest cake/cookies from Cakeshop by Sonjas. They even had dirty ice cream—only cleaner! Ube and Queso for 2016!! The only tandem that has my vote! My only regret: not making it in time for the Bald Baker’s banana-choco chip bread. The slices were sitting oh-so-pretty in the perfectly styled dessert station I didn’t want to ruin the whole set up (Pinoy talaga ako, noh? Nahiya pa!) so I thought I’d wait a while. So okay, I set my plate down and headed to the garden to play with Theo and Patrick. Pagbalik ko—–UBOS! Wiped out! ZERO!!! WALA NAAAA! I saw Cat’s post on IG and was already dreaming about it on the way to Fun Farm—so hanggang picture nalang!!!! Oh, the PAAAAIN!  So the moral of the story, don’t hesitate—- just grab your plate! HAHAHA! 4) The beautiful styling by my dear friend and Theo’s Ninang KATHLEEN PENARANDA!!! Look at all the details!!! Kat, can you style my room like this too?!?!? 5) The FUN FARM. People, this is clearly self explanatory. It’s called THE FUN FARM. AT MAY KALABAW, Yun na yun, case closed. Coolest party ever. Bow.

So clearly I just rambled for the past 2 paragraphs like a fan girl who was invited to Taylor Swift’s slumber party. Sorry. But that’s how happy I was to be invited. Nara is ONE and I was seriously so kilig I was invited. Nara you’re my Tay-Tay! Hehehe! Wait—technically, it was my son Theo who was invited and I was his plus one. So that makes Theo the cool friend and I was just his transpo! Awww man! HAHAHA!

Happy birthday again my dearest. Thank you Cat and Carl for having us!!! Enjoy the photos by Den Llanos Dee of @delightfullittledarlings 🙂 Follow @catjuanledesma on IG and visit for more details about this party!

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