Neo Day Spa with My Girls


If you are pregnant and live in the metro, I urge you to book an appointment at Neo Day Spa BGC. Getting a prenatal massage here was the best decision I ever made when I had Theo in my belly. THEY ARE THE BEST. And trust me, I’ve tried prenatal massages in different spas too—but this is the only one I can really vouch for and highly recommend. Same goes for post-natal treatments, they’re just as heavenly. And for breastfeeding mamas, they have lactation massages for you to enjoy too. NEO Spa has been here for many years and continues to be a secret gem among industry insiders. It seems like the immediate choice when you ask die hard spa enthusiasts and discerning clients about their spa recommendations—you’ll always hear NEO SPA on the top of the list. 🙂 A few weeks back, I was having the worst stiff neck and aching arms (thanks to my adorable batchoy baby) and desperately needed some TLC. So I gathered my girls Bianca, Cat, and Nicole (missing Kelly!) and we all enjoyed an afternoon of mama pampering at Neo. Thanks again to my darling Nikki Tiu for arranging all this for us! It was so worth the trip!
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