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Yahooooo!!!!! It’s finally UP!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Dogs and Cats and all the butikis in your house—-PRESENTING: My sister-in-law Cecil Filart’s MOMMY BLOG!!!! Before you brand me as a stage mom wannabe (or feeling Manay Lolit Solis!), I really just want to share why this blog is very important to Cecil (and to me!). 

Although Cecil and I always spend time together, we still write each other love letters via email. Ok, I know it sounds very sixth grade “Best Friends Forever Club”  but these email exchanges have kept us both sane through life’s many ups, downs, and turn arounds. 

If I recall correctly, it was Cecil who first wrote me a letter—it was during my solo trip to Europe about two years ago. It was actually a time of awakening for me. I was in my late twenties, old enough to know what I didn’t want in life but still too young to have it all figured out.  I fell under the stereotypical single twenty something year old traveling solo to find meaning, discovering the world on her own—I just described a character in a chick flick! Ugggh. Typical. Hahaha! 

I’ve always loved TRAVEL. And although I was having so much fun getting lost in wanderlust and making my own adventures, there was something that was calling me back home. Something new, something different, something even more fun than all the adventures that traveling around the world can offer—a budding romance with a fella named Patrick. I was terrified about how SURE I was about Patrick, especially since we were only dating for just a few months back then. It was Cecil who became my sounding board and her words put me at ease. She shared her own personal experiences as a young independent woman (she was a sought after architect, commercial model, and also an avid traveler) and how transitioning into a wife and eventually a mother did not rob her of a life of fun and adventure. In fact, she challenged me to see how growing up and growing old can actually be the best adventure you’ll ever have. I found myself emailing her while waiting in train stations and airports and eagerly anticipating her replies! Her unpretentious and very generous way of writing made it very easy for me to digest her advice and I really appreciated the fact that she took the time to counsel me .Needless to say, I came home feeling refreshed from the time alone–but also excited to start a brand new life with Patrick (who proposed to me a few months after!). Ever since then it’s become a habit for us to exchange emails and share little life stories to encourage and pray for one another. 

I’ve been prodding Cecil to start a blog for months now especially since I’m a big fan of her writing (having been personally touched by her late night emails!). But understandably with two babies in tow and design projects left and right—it was nearly impossible for Cecil to actually make time to blog. So seeing her blog actually come to life is a BIG milestone worth celebrating!!! For all the young moms, soon to be moms, girls who want to be moms, and everyone in between—I hope you will find a new home in Cecil’s blog 🙂 If you like a post, feel free to comment on it so you can encourage Cecil further! Happy reading!!!

8 Responses to New Blog Favorite

  1. I’m excited to read her story.. I’m also a CS mom and wanted to have a normal birth delivery on my second child 🙂

    Thanks for posting!

  2. If I remember it right from your past posts, she is your SIL right?
    What an envious relationship that you have! very seldom sister in laws that get along. You are blessed to have a sister in law like her and so is she. God Bless You Both!

  3. When I first saw her on your past blog post I thought that she was your sister biologically, now I get it she is the mom of the little cutie whom you plan to pass on all your scarfs tee-hee!

  4. Hi patty – might switch to audrey’s blog from now on… KIDDING! 🙂

    Will also be a big reader of that blog cause I’m a new mom ( gave birth through c-section as well.

    – powderpink