New Chinese Resto Fave: P.F.Chang’s

There’s a new resto in the south of the metro (aha, it rhymes!) and it’s called P.F.Chang’s. As in Patrick Filart Chang. OR Patty Filart Chang. Hahahaha. 🙂 Actually P.F. Chang’s is actually a name acquired from the two founding partners Paul Fleming and Philip Chang. With over 200 branches all over America, it has finally hit our Pinoy shores. And it’s right here in Alabang Town Center! Hoorrayyyy for the South peeps!
Our friends Amber and Marcus celebrated their anniversary yesterday and invited all of us to P.F.Chang’s for dinner. Initially I thought to myself “Chinese food..hmmm…”obviously half-psyched about the idea. I’m the daughter of my father so eating Chinese food was mandatory in our family for many, many, many years so you can understand my lack of excitement. In fact, my dad’s dream wedding suggestion: “Why not have Peking Duck and all you can eat Dimsum!!!??That would be so amazing.” I now know what to prepare for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary! Hahaha 🙂 
But since the well-traveled Amber and Marcus have impeccable taste when it comes to their restaurant choices, I knew I had to just trust them with this one. So before getting ready for dinner, I decided to google P.F.Chang’s menu…and I was pleasantly surprised to find lots of interesting choices! From feeling ho-hum about Chinese, I was suddenly excited to give this new food chain a try.
And they did not disappoint at all. I wouldn’t know how else to describe P.F. Chang’s but think “Clean, High Quality Chinese Food”.We ordered different things so we were able to sample a wide range of dishes. My favorites were the 1)Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps 2)Mongolian Beef 3)Lemon Chicken 4)Sichuan Shrimp 4)Crab Meat Fried Wontons. Oohhh, and their Tamarind Iced Tea was de-li-cious!!!:) They should call it Sampaloc Delight! Hahahaha! The food was completely wiped out in an instant so i failed to take decent photos of our dishes. But just to give you an idea, here are some images I grabbed from their site. You can also check out their menu here.


I highly recommend P.F.Chang’s for big groups, families and barkadas. They have something for the kids and adults to enjoy. They have a vegetarian menu and a gluten-free menu as well which means it’s a great dining option for the health-conscious too! The place was packed last night so I suggest you make your reservations ahead of time by calling (02) 687-5611. I’ll be dropping by P.F. Chang’s again for sure!!!

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  1. Saw this at ATC and I was: “woah, this entirely looks great!” and looking at your photos makes me drool over the food (heee)

    I just love how they’re renovating town right now 🙂