New Show to Catch: Amanda Loving Life

I’ve been blogging since 2005, just randomly posting things without any direction or purpose. I blogged once in two weeks, sometimes even letting a whole month pass without a decent post. My blog was ho-hum and I didn’t take it seriously. Early last year, I stumbled across my friend Amanda Griffin-Jacob’s Glamomama blog and my whole perception of personal blogging completely changed. The blog was positive, informative, organized, and engaging..even for non-moms like me! I absolutely loved how Amanda completely reinvented herself as a mother and made motherhood appealing for singles like me. It was a personal blog about herself but NOT JUST about herself–which you often find in other blogs which is really a platform to brag: ME,ME, ME– if you catch my drift. Because of her site I was encouraged to give my blog a fresh new start as well–which came at such a perfect time because I was going through an exciting new chapter in my personal life as well. I was oozing with happiness and I wanted to blog about it! Just like Amanda, I wanted to share the happy vibes with friends, families, and random readers looking for something positive online. 
Amanda sent me a text a few days ago sharing the good news about her new show and I was really excited for her–not as a friend, but as a FAN! Hahaha!:) She’s always been one of my favorite TV personalities, so seeing her back on local TV was really such a big thing for me. So today I’m sharing with you her TV Show Teaser. It’s a show geared to inspire moms and moms-to-be (praying that I find myself in this category in a few years! I see Patrick nodding his head several times–he’s more giddy about being a father and keeps making me kulit about babies! hehe!) but it’s also a show that will encourage ALL WOMEN to make the most out of their lives. The show will be aired on the Lifestyle Network soon  so just visit Amanda’s FB Page for more details.  Check out the clip below 🙂
“Join Amanda as she opens her doors to every parent and mother as she tackles the different challenges of Parenthood. Stay in top form as she shows you how to stay fit and healthy. Shop with her in seeking the latest trends on fashion and beauty. Travel with her to places yet to be discovered. Feast with her as she shows you the different cuisines or better yet prepare a sumptuous meal for your loved ones to enjoy. Join her as she embarks on a journey into the simple pleasures of life and…. the joys of motherhood.”
Amanda Loving Life Premiere July 8 at 730PM Lifestyle Network

8 Responses to New Show to Catch: Amanda Loving Life

  1. I like the teaser, it shows that her show is for the hip, on-the-go but glamorous moms… 🙂

  2. i’m a Big fan of amanda griffin, let’s support her new show. .very informative, and it can inspires women to do better and how to live life to the fullest. 🙂