New Site Discovery: KIDOOZI

I just recently discovered , an online shopping site that serves as an umbrella market for all your needs from pregnancy to childhood! And because I’m a sucker for convenience, this has got me sold. If it can save me time and energy, it certainly gets a vote from me. And if you factor in savings in gas and toll (yes I live down South so toll is a huge thing for us!), then that gets 2 thumbs up for me. The website is very user-friendly, provides clear images at different angles, helpful descriptions, and the ordering process itself is very simple. I was able to shop for Theo and two other baby showers I was attending this month within 20 minutes. My items were shipped on time and all in good condition.

“At KIDOOZI, this inspiration serves to fuel our passion to create this online shopping site dedicated to babies and kids aged 0 to 12, as well as expectant moms. Founded by 2 moms with 5 kids between us, we understand how difficult it is to juggle parenting, work, and everything else in between. With a 24-hour to-do-list on your hands, why waste time shopping in crowded malls for your kids’ needs when you can get them with just a few clicks in the comfort of your homes, offices, or even while stuck in traffic?

From nursery must-haves to innovative products that make parenting so much easier, from bathing and diapering essentials to fun and educational toys – KIDOOZI offers a wide range of options that you and your kids will love. As your kids sleep, eat, play, travel, bath, potty, and more, we’ve got their needs and wants covered. Add timely delivery, secure online transactions, and great customer service to our products and you won’t want to shop elsewhere again.”

The brands they house are actually the brands I’ve been using since Theo was born. My personal favorites include: ECOMOM, ARMS REACH CO-SLEEPER, BABYHOOD, MEDELA, TIGER, I-ANGEL, and so much more! Be sure to visit their site and enjoy the convenience of shopping without leaving your house.


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