New York Photo Diary: Day 6&7

On our sixth day, we met up with my Ninang Marie, Lissi, and Gin for some Shake Shack in Madison. Their hamburgers were insanely good–it’s really hard to compare it to any local burger joint in Manila. I had the cheeseburger with the fried portobello mushroom and it was a party in my mouth! On a normal day it takes about 40minutes to an hour to line up for a burger, pero grabe sobrang sulit!!!
Subway Kids.
Grand Central Terminal
PETER LUGER. Hayyyy. My kinakapatid Anco treated us to a fancy dinner and wooow, it was really a hallelujah meal for me and Patrick! This is going to be a BOLD statement but this is THE BEST STEAK I’VE EVER TASTED in my entire 30 years of existence. And I’ve had great steak–in Manila and even in Europe–but maaaaan, Peter Luger deserves my slow clap. Their no frills approach allows their meat to shine on their own. Nakakaiyak sa sobrang sarap!!! After dinner, I just told myself “Damnit, I really can’t become a vegetarian–ever.” Hahaha!
A quick brunch at Chelsea Market.
Dropped by Anthropologie and drooled over their products–but left the store empty handed. 
Sheer Will Power. I was able to stick to my self-mandated no shopping rule! 
I was soooo proud of myself!
 The famous Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street.

Trying to be artsy with my iPhone.

Last meal in the city: HALAL GUYS! Hooray for cheap street food!!!

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  1. I love how vibrant this post is, and it’s not just the colors, but your smiles too!

    I could imagine how difficult it was NOT to buy anything from Anthologie, hah!