No Compromise Parenting

In preparation for this blog post, I browsed through my iPhoto album to take a 5 minute trip down memory lane. What was initially meant to be a simple recap quickly turned into a full on EMO MOM moment for me.  Just seeing how much Theo has grown and how he has now evolved into his own person (complete with kolokoyness and 10,000 facial expressions) is enough to send this mama to Jose Mari Chan levels of sentimental. I think this feeling of mommy fuzziness will never fade. I’ll be carrying this with me until I turn 100!

I admit I still second guess myself each day and I don’t think I’ll ever reach a level of supermom perfection, and you know what that’s OKAY. I’m totally cool with that! By God’s grace, we are able to be amazing moms to our children despite our own limitations and flaws 🙂 What matters is that I am DOING MY BEST each day and giving this motherhood gig MY ALL.  Having said that when it comes to my son, I always make sure that I am not making empty compromises that would risk his safety, health, or well being.


This mindset has been something I’ve been applying to our everyday life with Theo, making happy and more consecientious choices that will help in my son’s overall development. So when we got an invitation to join the CYCLES and CRADLE family—it was a YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!

So it’s official! I’m happy to announce that the moms of #BabyBarangay (Kelly Misa-Fernandez, Bianca Santiago-Reinoso, Cat Juan-Ledesma, Nicole Hernandez-de Los Angeles, and Yours Truly Angelina Jolie, bwahahaha) are now the new endorsers of CYCLES, CYCLES SENSITIVE, and CRADLE!!!!! This endorsement is more than just a work engagement as talents—it’s us as MOMS first and foremost, giving our seal of approval and personally vouching for these products that we’ve been using long before this endorsement deal was even penned. Here’s a snapshot by Sheila Catilo from our recent shoot. 🙂 Only Luis got the memo to smile at the camera but believe me, our kids are just as happy to be a part of the Cycle/Cradle family! Hahaha!


I personally have been using Cycles and Cycles Sensitive for years (even before I had Theo)! I made the switch ever since I discovered that my eczema flare ups were all linked to the harsh chemicals used in most commercial detergents. My dermatologist recommended Cycles because the formulation is made with Cycles is made from ultramild and hypoallergenic ingredients that do not contain harsh chemicals such as dyes, optical brighteners, enzymes, bleach and fabric softeners—making it gentle enough for baby’s skin and yes even for adults with sensitive skin issues.  I use it for Theo’s clothes, lampins, blankets, pillows, towels, even plush toys!

p1370065I was first introduced to the CRADLE brand at a baby shower and they have been hard workers in the Filart household since Theo was born. These are the products I literally HOARD all the time. The Baby Bottle and Nipple Cleanser is clearly the most used product in our home since I use it to clean all of Theo’s bottles, cups, utensils, teething toys and I even use it for our fruits and veggies too! It’s that safe! As for the Toy and Surface Cleaner, it’s perfect for keeping your playrooms, high chairs, tables, chairs, toys all germ free in the safest way possible. Both products guarantee to have chemical free and all-natural ingredients just like Cycles.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-7-39-09-pmAside from being endorsers of the brand, we are also so excited to actually be part of the advocacy that encourages MOMS and DADS to give only the BEST for their kids! We would like to invite fellow parents to join – it is a community of moms (and dads!) who do not compromise their baby’s safety. Sign up and enjoy 1 year 10% Off* during select Cycles and Cradle sponsored events, seasonal promos and get to receive other exciting freebies!


Thanks again Cycles&Cradle for the warm welcome! And Three Cheers to Thirty Six O, Sheila Catilo, and the rest of the amazing team behind this fun campaign shoot 🙂

PS: How adorable are Fin and Nara!!! These two are the sweetest siblings!


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