No9 Restaurant Cebu


If you’ve noticed from my IG feed a few weeks ago, our #BabyBarangay clearly went bonkers over No 9 Restaurant in Cebu. The mastermind behind all this, CAT JUAN-LEDESMA wrote about the food more extensively so please click HERE to go to her blog 🙂 Besides, Cat is such a clever wordsmith, I think it’ll do more justice to the restaurant to direct you to her write up instead. But before you get your mouth watering over at Cat’s blog, what I do have here is another photo flood to show you just how much we enjoyed our lunch at No 9. The mamas and papas were happy—and the kids were all smiles too! Busog na busog and buong barangay!!! Thanks again Inaki and Pepin for hosting our caravan of babies! Hehehe 🙂 We enjoyed your fantastic food and warm service!
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