Now, THIS is a LOVE story.

Today, I’d like to share a story about two people I truly respect and admire: Steve Ruetschle and his lovely wife Michelle. Last June 17, 2010, Steve was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. He fractured his c6 and c7 neck vertebrae leaving him practically paralyzed from the neck down. The doctor gave him a 10% chance of having any meaningful movement in his legs and an even slimmer chance of ever walking again. Watch how their love and faith kept them together even in their darkest days..

The Ruetschle Story from THE PARSONS photographers on Vimeo.

Ugggh, My eyes are now swollen. Mukha na akong goldfish. I just used up the entire box of kleenex. Amazing. Miracles still do happen..even in this crazy, chaotic, evil world that we live in. And Steve is living proof of this. But what stirred my heart the most was the love and dedication of his wife Michelle. This is the kind of love– a love so great, so selfless and generous– that God wants you and me to enjoy.  The one HE has set aside for you is not only the person of your dreams, but the person that God dreams for you too 🙂 So never ever settle for someone who just looks good on paper or someone who’s “good enough” for now..claim the BEST, because that’s what you deserve! Choose a woman/man after God’s own heart who will love YOU fiercely, faithfully and unconditionally 🙂 Hay, pag-ibig.

You can find Michelle’s blog here She writes so beautifully and it moves me every time I visit her blog. But I strongly suggest starting from the very beginning, track back to the earlier posts just so you’ll get a better feel of their life journey 🙂 The video you’ll find below is worth watching too, it’ll show you how God worked in the lives of the Ruetschle family. So if you have a few minutes to spare, watch this 🙂

7 Responses to Now, THIS is a LOVE story.

  1. so inspiring… A person given by God for you to be with for the rest of your that’s the most amazing thing to have in the whole world..Thanks for sharing Ms.Patty 😀

  2. How great is our God!This is such a beautiful,inspiring and moving story. Just when you started thinking that this world has gone mad what will all the crimes and terrorist attacks, you will hear a story like this and it will make you remember the beauty of life. Thanks patty for sharing this!

  3. My favorite line was when she said to Steve right after the accident: “Now you will see how much I love you”

  4. Ptr. Joey Bonifacio, Rica’s pop-in-law, of Victory Fort just mentioned this story during the Sunday Service since he too was at awe on Steve’s miraculous healing. Ptr. Joey mentored Steve few years back.

    As he was telling the story, I remembered your post.