NY Eats: Cafe Habana

My favorite SOHO restaurant forever and ever and ever would have to be CAFE HABANA on Prince Street. I literally traveled halfway across the globe just for their CORN!!!!! Hahaha 🙂 🙂 I’ve been dreaming of Cafe Habana’s corn ever since I got preggers and on my birthday, my wish was finally granted after months of hankering in paaaaaain! Hehehe! I also do recommended their Cubano sandwich and their Chicken Quesadilla. 🙂 No need for a long post for this one, just believe meeeeee—their corn will change your life forever! A must try for every New York visitor. Thanks Kaye Ong for meeting up with us and for corn-bingeing with The Pats!P1300861nycP1300831 P1300839 P1300854P1300868

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  1. My favorite also! hehe there’s a Cafe Habana here in the west coast too! It’s located in Malibu, California just FYI incase you’re on this side of the planet 🙂

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