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P1580788Call me crazy but I actually LOVE going to the dentist. I know that a lot of people dread it but it’s been something I really enjoy doing. Getting a cleaning for my teeth is almost like getting a facial or a pedicure! It’s that therapeutic for me. But now that I’m with GAOC Dental, my trips to the dentist have become even more “enjoyable” than usual. Several months ago, they invited me to partner with them for my personal dental needs (and Pat’s too). It was important for me to really try it out personally before writing about it. As you know, my blog recommendations are all very personal and I really want to be honest and transparent with my readers at all times. So, now that I’ve been experiencing their services and treatments for several months, I now can confidently share my thoughts. Here are 5 reasons why I love them!

  1. Their clinics are immaculately clean! So clean in fact, they require not only the doctors/staff but also patients to put on shoe covers and hair caps to keep things hygienic inside the facilities. Doors are all automatic and sanitizers are spread out throughout the clinic. You can tell that all their tools are properly sterilized as well. Cleanliness is really TOP NOTCH and consistent.
  2. BIG PLUS! Each room is equipped with a mini theater—so each patient can enjoy watching his/her favorite movie or TV show while having the procedure. It’s suddenly become my Mommy ME TIME—because I can just lie down and watch a movie or two while having my treatments done. I just re-watched THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA when I had my session last week, hehehe!
  3. Dentists are all very warm and professional. What I love about the GAOC team is that they give you an opportunity to really understand the current status of your teeth and explain thoroughly the possible procedures needed before doing it. They show you x-rays and even slideshows to give you a better grasp of the treatments needed. This allows you to ask questions beforehand and help manage your expectations too. This way, you’re not shocked or forced into something you’re not fully comfortable with.
  4. I’m a very, very busy working mom. My phone has a thousand messages at one given time. I’m sure all of you can relate. So it helps to have the GAOC staff remind me from time to time about my appointments, follow up treatment at home, etc.
  5. Services are definitely not cheap but for what you pay for, you know you’re getting THE BEST possible treatment for your teeth, gums and mouth. Many people take oral health for granted without realizing that many sicknesses and ailments are all connected to oral care. Now that I’m in my 30s, I really want to invest early on so I can avoid future headaches and toothaches.


I recently had a root canal done for one tooth on the left side of my mouth and I was sort of bracing myself for HELL. Every time the words ROOT CANAL would be uttered, people would normally cringe and twitch just at the though of it. Root Canals are nasty, painful and something you pray you never ever have to encounter. So I almost thought that my love for the dentist would finally come to an end once I had a root canal procedure done. There was no escaping it, It was long overdue and I just had to face it.

I can’t go into the specifics because clearly I’m not a dentist—but as a patient, all I remember is this: IT was virtually painless!!! What a shocker! Save for the mild discomfort when they try to put some pressure on your tooth just to get the right fit or the slight sensations you get when they’re drilling into the little crevices, there was nothing terrifying about my root canal procedure at GAOC. Every time my friends would check up on me they would be surprised that I was totally fine, able to still go about my day after the procedure with hardly any complaints. Of course, each case is different and I can’t promise that it’ll be smooth sailing for everyone. But I’m just happy that my tooth was well taken care of, the procedure didn’t feel rushed at all. They were very thorough in every little step and wanted to make sure they did everything right.

P1580770 P1580777 I’m just finding time to do it but I hope to have my wisdom teeth extracted next. It’s not a pressing issue though but it still needs to be addressed in the future. It’ll require about a month of downtime since it’s a more serious surgery, so I’m still figuring out how I can do it with the baby and work and all! Hehehe! But one thing’s for sure, I think I’m set on having it at GAOC already especially with the good experience I’ve had so far. Thank you again Dr. Steve Mark G. Gan and your amazing team for taking care of me and Patrick!!! For more details about their treatments and locations, just visit their site or follow them on IG at @gaocdental 🙂

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3 Responses to Off to the Dentist

  1. I was actually on my way to the dentist for the second half of my root canal when I read this. You are right, root canal doesn’t hurt except for the local anaesthetic that is injected before the procedure. After that you are all numb on that side of your face and won’t feel a single thing. And there I was before the first half, getting so anxious as most people I talk to would say it is the worst thing in the world. It really isn’t. I wonder if they were just exaggerating or that we just have higher pain threshold, Patty.

  2. Hi Ms Raquel and Ms Patty. I am a dentist 🙂
    And yes, treatment outcome and experience vary depending on the status of the teeth and pain threshold of the patient. Glad you both had an awesome time during your treatment.
    Honestly, I hope and pray that people (Filipinos) would see oral health as an essential part of the overall well being of a person.
    Thank you for appreciating dentistry. 🙂

    All the Best,

    Doc Tina

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