#OhBD: Heima X Googlygooeys


Okay, so before writing this entry I had to pick the category it would fall under (here in my blog). After the toss up between “About Town”, “Patty’s Picks” and “All Things Happy” (magically, this post falls under all 3!)—I settled with “All Things Happy” for 3 reasons: 1) I am so HAPPY about this collaboration between two of my favorites the Googlygooeys and Heima. When I first heard about the #OhBD collection, I immediately thought “Wow, that’s a match made in artsy heaven!!!!” I don’t consider myself a creative, but more of a lover of pretty things—so this to me was something worth celebrating! 2) Speaking of collaborations, the best one yet would have to be between husband&wife and making cute babies! Hahaha! So I am HAPPY for T&P of the GGs because they’ll be welcoming another cute boy in a few months. 3) And lastly, this fell on Kathleen’s birthday and because there’s a HAPPY in HAPPY BIRTHDAY, this is reason #3! Hahaha, what a long intro! And take note, I’m typing with one hand –as I have one hand over my napping baby! I’m just so amazed by the new skills I’ve acquired as a mom 🙂 Hahaha!

So here are some photos from our watercolor class hosted by the Googly Gooeys and Design Cafe Workshop in Heima Brixton. You’ll also see all the beautiful home pieces designed by GG X Heima. I WANT EVERYTHING—I NEED THEM ALL IN MY LIFE to be a better person! Promise!!! I really feel that if I have these at home, I’ll be kinder, wiser, lovelier, more gracious, lahat na ng positive traits! HAHAHAHA! Thanks again to Heima Brixton and Googlygooeys for inviting us to this fun afternoon event. And congratulations!!!

P1340120P1340222 P1340121 P1340126P1340219P1340128 P1340130-001 P1340134 P1340164P1340173P1340169P1340194P1340200 P1340205 P1340203 P1340215P1340110P1340228

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  1. Hi Patty! I’m glad you enjoyed the workshop! 🙂 I was wondering if I could grab some photos with our cookies. Thanks in advance Patty! 🙂

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