Although I’m a blogger on most days, I like being a blog reader even more. It’s nice to blog-hop to happy sites especially when you’re having a crappy day—or in my case, when you’re waiting backstage for hours and hours. I love reading blogs when I’m doing my modeling/hosting chores, at least hindi ako nababato while waiting for my turn. hehe 🙂 I have my favorite bloggers set on my cache: Rica, Stella, Alessa, Kelly, Amanda, Daphne, and of course CAT JUAN-LEDESMA‘s blog is definitely on this special blog roll list too. She always gives the best recommendations and her reviews are always very honest&candid. AND have you seen her baby?! Oh my, that’s one certified cutie patootie! 🙂 A few weeks back, she shared her recent discovery: OLIVIA AND DIEGO’s Upcycled Accessories and I immediately fell in love with their products. I love that their brand is proudly PINOY, sustainable&eco-friendly, and best of all the company provides livelihood for local artisans. You can read more about their inspiring story through Cat’s blog feature.  

Yana Santiago, the owner and founder of OLIVIA AND DIEGO, was kind enough to send me a few pieces from their collection and I was so giddy when I got their package. The pieces feel so organic yet current at the same time. We were planning to just stay in for dinner—but I forced Patrick to take me out just so I could change from my pambahay to something cute and wear the Olivia&Diego pieces I just got. Actually we literally just stepped “OUTSIDE”, the restaurant was just on the ground floor of our condo building so walang nasayang na gas! hehehe!:) So here’s my feeble attempt to sort of OOTD like a fashion blogger, pagbigyan niyo na ako! I didn’t even have time to put decent make up on—but I did my best to work on my beautiful eyes for the camera. Mukhang effective naman diba??? DIBAAAA?! Thanks Patrick for taking the pics even if I could tell that you were thinking “Woman! Please hurry up already, I want my chimichanga!!!!!”
Top: Trilogy, Denim Shorts: Suiteblanco, Sandals:Lulu Swing, Watch:Michael Kors, 
Headphones: Skull Candy, Laptop Case: Marc by Marc Jacobs, 
Necklace and Bracelets from Olivia and Diego. 
 Photos by Mike Caliso
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