On Friendships

I’m a house hopper. I’ve moved 9 times in my lifetime. I’m a school hopper. I studied in 9 different schools. I’m a hip hopper. I’m a grasshopper. I’ve met so many people in my life, most were wonderful, some, well..let’s just say if there’s a word that means the opposite of wonderful, that would best describe these people. But that’s part of growing up, you meet all sorts of people who come from the most extreme backgrounds. These people will either influence you to become like them or help you realize how unique you actually are. I’ve been moved by so many different people, each with a specific time and purpose in my life. Tama nga, when it comes to relationships and friendships..there are reasons and there are seasons. And for some, there’s treason.. for frenemies like Paris and Nicole. Hehe.  
Now that I’m in my late twenties, I’ve become more open minded when it comes to friendships. I was never really the cliquish type, I made friends with EVERYONE. Basta steady kang tao, mabait at madaling kausap..magiging kaibigan kita. The problem with staying in small, exclusive groups and not making the effort to meet new people is that your conversations start getting dull, you end up repeating the same topics over and over again..and soon enough those friendships feel like a bore and a chore. It’s nice to leave your comfort zone and learn things from new people, not only will you become more tolerant and understanding..you become a more interesting and well rounded person as well. This year alone, I’ve welcomed so many new wonderful people into my life. In just a matter of months, I’ve discovered so many admirable things about other people that I would like to adapt as well. Alessa and I have this little mantra “Improve Thy Self” and I personally feel that a great way to improve yourself is by the friendships you form throughout your lifetime. 
But just as much as I value my new friends, I always stay true to my OLD friends. My long term friendships has served as my anchor for many years. Your old friends will always keep you grounded. The beauty of my “old” friends is that they too share the same openness when it comes to people..they treasure old friendships but still welcome the new ones. So we each have our own sets of friends: friends from work, school, church, etc. and are happy for the new friendships we’ve formed with others. Your old friends should always have a special place in your heart, but there should always be room for more. 
Stella and Sheila are possibly my “oldest” friends. Counting the years between us, we have about 22 years under our belts. That’s a college graduate right there. We’ve been friends since grade school and it has been such a blessing to still have them here with me. We don’t see each other as often as we’d like because both girls are extremely busy bees but this has not affected our friendship, not one bit. I guess when you love each other the way we do, there is this sense of understanding between friends that goes beyond time and distance. You can really remain close without actually physically being close. 
Sheila is a sought after photographer and hands-on mother to Sky. She’s preggers with her 2nd child now but she still manages to do photo shoots, run a thousand errands and drive all the way from Cavite to Makati just to meet us for lunch. Stella, on the other hand, is a power attorney who handles big shot clients but still makes time for her little son, Jaden. I don’t know how they manage to juggle all these things, but they do it with so much ease. They always look so beautiful and radiant even if they have so many things to manage in a day, I guess it’s simple..they’re just HAPPY.And that’s the best beauty secret. They’re my age, but they’re my role models. The one thing I’ve learned from these two working mothers is how to be a woman of grace, both at home and at the workplace, just as God plans for each of us to become. 
Every time we get together for our girly dates, it’s a never ending kabag tawanan session. I love it when they gush about their kids and share hilarious stories about their kengkoy and loving husbands. It makes me look forward to the day that I will be enjoying all those things too! When we open up about our individual careers, we celebrate each other’s successes. Even when we talk about the serious and meaty things, about personal issues and trials, it always ends on a positive note. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be said, we just know that no matter what..we’re on each other’s team. And that’s what true and loyal friends can give you..a sense of security and unconditional love. 
So to Sheila and Stella, and to all my other “old” friends…DRAMA moment ko ito, so don’t ruin it… I LOVE YOU ALL!!! And I can’t wait for all of us to grow old together 🙂 Ayan na ha, gandahan niyo Christmas gift ko ha! Budget dapat 1,000 and up!!! Mwahahaha 🙂                      

9 Responses to On Friendships

  1. Hi, Idol Patty! I can totally relate with this post! 🙂 Like you, “I was never really the cliquish type, I made friends with EVERYONE.” I’m actually NOT a big fan of the term “Best Friend” because I find it a little label-ish. Honestly, if I were asked who my best friend is, I wouldn’t be able to answer that – simply because a lot of my close friends fit the description of what a “best friend” should really be! 🙂

    Anyway, this post inspired me to make my own one about my awesome friends! As always, thanks for inspiring me!!! <3

  2. I always love your posts about your friends.:) They’re lucky to have a friend like you too. I didn’t have a specific clique growing up as well… I got along with almost anyone. But I was fortunate enough to find ladies who would be my longtime friends for life during college.:)

    BTW, what software program do you use when you edit your photos? Gusto ko yung pagka-layout mo sa kanila in every post.:)

  3. Love your post Patty, as always. I have my set of ‘old’ friends as well. Tama ka, stories tend to be repeated with old friend that’s why God allows us to meet new friends. But my old friends keep me grounded, malalim ang pinagsamahan, ika nga. Btw, why 9 schools? Just curious. 🙂

  4. Love this post! 🙂

    Btw, isip ako ng isip bakit pamilyar si Sheila yun pala kasi si Ate Sheila sya nung HS! 1 batch higher sakin! Haha. My guy friends were all smitten sa kanya nun 🙂

  5. i agree with a lot of things you’ve written down on this post and love it. i’m also a grasshopper myself lol. my motto has always been change is the only constant in this world, but yes old friends are what you keep and stay rooted all the time. it’s humbling to know that at some point in your life you are loved, cared for and there are those who are curious and worried about you too 🙂

  6. You haven’t changed a bit Ms.Patty.I remember I attended this “Samsung Event” Ten things to do your thing…something like that and you gave me a sling bag for answering one of your questions..I loved this entry too…It moved me to tears….I miss you! =)