On Full Blast

These past few weeks have been crazy for me. Sometimes getting out of bed is a struggle in itself. I’m sure most of you can relate! When you feel like 24 hours is barely enough time to get things done. I’m always in between errands, back to back meetings and other duties. For times like this, I always count on my little orange friend.
The first time I encountered Berocca was when I was in college. This was when I was a working student. I was a senior in Ateneo, a host for an early morning show called Breakfast and also a VJ for MTV..yes, all at the same time. I was a ZOMBIE for months. I would stay up late to cover parties and events for MTV, wake up at 4am to drive from Alabang to QC for the Breakfast show, take a quick shower at Alessa’s house then head to my 9AM class in Ateneo. I was floating and barely coping. 
For our show on Breakfast, I was asked to host a segment for Berocca. So I was asked to take a tablet every morning while doing my spiels—and guess what, it worked! I didn’t have to read the script anymore because I was actually drinking it and it was really effective for me. For those who aren’t familiar with the product, it comes in tablet form so it’s easy to pack in your bag. You simply pop the orange tablet into a glass of water and within seconds it dissolves into a good tasting orange fizz drink packed with vitamins.

When you go through physical and mental exhaustion, this causes vitamin deficiencies, especially in water-soluble vitamins. B Vitamins and Vitamin C are both water-soluble and are not stored by the body compared to fat-soluble ones (Vitamins A, D, E, K). This means you have to load up in periods of fatigue. Berocca has been clinically proven to neutralize physical tiredness while helping to improve mental performance. A single tablet is packed with high doses of B Vitamins, which aid in regulating the flow and function of the brain and the nerves, and Vitamin C, which secure a healthier immune system and guard against infections. -Berocca PR

Just recently, Berocca threw a fun mid-week pool party in Resorts World. I’m sure you saw all the celebs tweeting about it too. Patrick and I looked like two geeks celeb spotting like crazy! I tried to play it cool but I was too starstruck with all the good looking Berocca peeps!!! HAHAHA! Everyone was there from Tim Yap, Laureen Uy, Divine Lee, Iya Villania, Bubbles Paraiso, Phoemela Baranda to Daniel Matsunaga!

Plus, they gave away APPLE prizes to some of the guests who were brave enough to take the plunge! With free flowing food and great music– Berocca really geared everyone on full blast, proving that you could be pumped up all night–the healthy way. Thank you again Berocca for making us cool enough to party all night! 

Aww, I love this photo by Laureen Uy  🙂

Follow @BeroccaPh to be #OnFullBlast, they’re giving away prizes too!

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  1. I love Berocca, too! It’s yummy, it energizes my body and it makes me healthy! You know, when I don’t feel well, this “orange drink” makes me feel less sick.